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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:34:15

Tencent Push Notification Service (TPNS) provides a stable and fast application push service that features high delivery rate. Boasting industry-leading technical advantages, stable and reliable message push channels, and proprietary dual service architecture for session keep-alive, it is convenient and fast to access for effective improvement of the message delivery rate. It can push 18 million messages per minute and deliver them in a matter of seconds (sustaining in-app pushes for Tencent applications such as the Honor of Kings). In addition, it can precisely tag users for efficient lean operation of applications.

TPNS operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Operation Name Resource Type Event Name
Adding vendor channel tpns AddChannelInfo
Canceling scheduled push task tpns CancelPush
Creating application tpns CreateApp
Creating product tpns CreateProduct
Pushing message tpns CreatePush
Creating push plan tpns CreatePushPlan
Deleting application tpns DeleteAppInfo
Deleting product tpns DeleteProductInfo
Querying account bound to device tpns DescribeAccountByToken
Querying application information tpns DescribeAppInfo
Querying vendor channel information tpns DescribeChannelInfo
Querying product information tpns DescribeProductInfo
Updating application information tpns ModifyAppInfo
Modifying product information tpns ModifyProductInfo
Uploading certificate tpns UploadCert
Uploading number package tpns UploadPushPackage
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