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Last updated: 2020-08-27 15:33:56

Tencent Interactive Whiteboard (TIW) provides a complete set of multi-person real-time interactive whiteboard services to break the barriers for teacher-student information transfer during online teaching. Compared with traditional face-to-face teaching, it has more comprehensive, straightforward, and diverse features, such as interactive graffiti, real-time track sync, document sharing, media sharing, document transcoding, real-time recording and playback of whiteboard writing and audio/video. With high flexibility, ease of use, and scalability, it can help you deliver a vivid interactive experience comparable to offline teaching and significantly improve the quality of online teaching.

Interactive Whiteboard operations supported by CloudAudit are as shown below:

Applying for TIW trial tiw ApplyTiwTrial
Creating TIW application tiw CreateApplication
Creating document transcoding task tiw CreateTranscode
Querying TIW application list tiw DescribeApplicationInfos
Querying the usage of each TIW sub-service tiw DescribeApplicationUsage
Querying the list of IM applications that are not TIW applications tiw DescribeIMApplications
Querying callback address for after-class recording tiw DescribeOfflineRecordCallback
Querying real-time recording task tiw DescribeOnlineRecord
Querying callback address for real-time recording tiw DescribeOnlineRecordCallback
Querying postpaid instance usage tiw DescribePostpaidUsage
Querying document transcoding task tiw DescribeTranscode
Querying callback address for document transcoding tiw DescribeTranscodeCallback
Querying the usage statistics of sub-service tiw DescribeUsageSummary
Querying resource list tiw DescribeUserResources
Querying TIW details tiw DescribeUserStatus
Querying TIW application configuration, including event callback address, resource bucket, etc. tiw DescribeWhiteboardApplicationConfig
Modifying TIW application tiw ModifyApplication
Modifying TIW application configuration tiw ModifyWhiteboardApplicationConfig
Pausing real-time recording tiw PauseOnlineRecord
Resuming real-time recording tiw ResumeOnlineRecord
Setting callback address tiw SetOfflineRecordCallback
Setting callback address for real-time recording tiw SetOnlineRecordCallback
Setting callback authentication key for real-time recording tiw SetOnlineRecordCallbackKey
Setting callback address for document transcoding tiw SetTranscodeCallback
Setting callback authentication key for document transcoding tiw SetTranscodeCallbackKey
Starting real-time recording tiw StartOnlineRecord
Stopping real-time recording tiw StopOnlineRecord
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