Application Process

Last updated: 2019-12-06 17:53:54


Log in to Tencent Cloud's ICP filing application system.

Application process varies by application type. The following is a basic process and is for reference purposes only:

  1. Confirm application type

    Fill out entity and website information as instructed. System will automatically identify the application type you need based on the identity document number and domain name you entered.

  2. Enter complete application information

    Based on the type confirmed in step 1, enter required entity and website information.

  3. Upload materials and submit for preliminary review

    Upload scanned identity documents copies or photos of organization and the person-in-charge, both the front and back sides. Complete the Website Authenticity Verification Checklist Form and upload a scanned copy or photo.
    Take photos with identity documents held in hands, double-check your materials and submit to Tencent Cloud for preliminary review.

  4. Take photos

    After the preliminary review is completed, take photos at the designated location or request a free backdrop for self-service photo taking as appropriate and then upload the photos.
    After uploading the backdrop photos, wait for secondary review by Tencent Cloud. After the secondary review is completed, Tencent Cloud will submit your application to local Communications Administration Bureau for final review.

  5. Wait for application approval

    Tencent Cloud will send you SMS and email notifications after your application is approved. You can also log in to Tencent Cloud to check out filed entity and website information.