Application Time

Last updated: 2019-08-21 10:16:42


After submitting the required materials via Tencent Cloud's ICP filing application system, you will need to wait for the review outcomes from Tencent Cloud and the local communications administration bureaus.

Tencent Cloud Review Time

  • Preliminary review: It takes us one business day to conduct the preliminary review after you upload relevant documents.
  • Backdrop photo review: It takes us one business day to review the backdrop photo after submission.
  • Submission to the local communications administration bureaus for review: After Tencent Cloud reviews all your application materials, your application status will change to "pending submission to the local communications administration bureaus for review". Tencent Cloud will submit your application materials within 1 business day.

Local Communications Administration Bureau Review Time

Your local communications administration bureau will perform a final review on your application for ICP filing. The review time varies by province. According to Decree No. 33 of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the review shall not take more than 20 business days (30 for Zhejiang Province). Business day does not include national holidays or weekends.


  1. The local communications administration bureaus do not support expedited processing, so please wait patiently.
  2. For local communications administration bureau review time, click here. This information is for reference purposes only.
  3. For first-time ICP filing applications, your website cannot be resolved before application approval.
  4. Pursuant to communications administration bureau requirements, domain names are accessible only after ICP filing approval.