ICP Filing Authorization Code

Last updated: 2019-12-06 18:01:42
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    ICP filing authorization code is a server-generated authorization credential for ICP filing purposes that points to server's IP address.

    Use Case

    Suppose you registered accounts A and B with Tencent Cloud. You bought CVM for your company headquater and branch office's websites using account A and you didn't purchase anything using account B. One Tencent Cloud account can only be used for one entity ICP filing application, but your headquater and the branch are two entities. Therefore, another entity's ICP filing application needs to be under account B. Because account B does not have any CVM, an ICP filing authorization code is needed for ICP filing application. The code will be generated by account A's CVM.

    Create an ICP filing authorization code

    1. Log in to account A where you purchased CVM.
    2. Click + Generate an authorization code.
    3. Select the cloud service to be associated with and click OK to start generation.
    4. After the code is successfully generated, you can view its details, change the cloud service or delete it on the page.

    Using an ICP Filing Authorization Code

    1. Log in to account B where there is no CVM.
    2. In the step for confirming the application type, select ICP filing authorization code for Cloud service used for application and paste the code generated in account A.
    3. After successful verification, you can use account B to proceed with the application process. IP address of the CVM that provided authorization code will be the ICP filing IP address.

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