Notice of Internet Filing Administration Initiative

Last updated: 2019-08-21 10:17:37
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Pursuant to the Measures for Administration of Internet Information Services issued by the State Council and the Notice on Carrying Out Special Action for Basic Management of Internet issued by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, we will block websites that have not been filed, and will verify the information accuracy of websites that have been successfully filed with the public security bureau. Tencent Cloud will no longer provide any accessing service for the websites that have not completed the filing.

  • If you intend to engage or have been engaging in Web services, please complete the filing promptly. For the websites which have completed the filing with other accessing service providers, please complete the filing for new access with Tencent Cloud before using the Tencent Cloud servers. Websites that have failed to complete the filing with Tencent Cloud will be denied of access at any time, and the external access of the relevant websites will be blocked.
  • If you have completed the filing with Tencent Cloud, please ensure that your website filing information is authentic and accurate. If there is any change to your information, please log on the official website of Tencent Cloud to make the corresponding change as soon as possible. If you fail to complete the record change in a timely manner, Tencent Cloud will deny the website access according to the relevant laws and regulations, and the external access of your website will be blocked.

Accuracy verification of filing information (including without limitation):

  1. Whether the applicant information is accurate: unit name and certificate number of the unit;
  2. Whether the contact information is accurate: landline number and mobile phone number of the applicant’s in-charge person, the landline number and mobile phone number of the website’s in-charge person;
  3. Whether the website content is consistent with the filing information: the following situations will be deemed as inconsistency between the website content and the filing information:
    • The filing was made by a natural person, while the website is for an enterprise;
    • The filing was made by an enterprise, but the content of the website is inconsistent with the filing enterprise;
    • The website content requires prior approval, which has not been obtained;
  4. Whether the website domain name is valid, and whether the owner is consistent with the filing applicant;
  5. Whether the website access is still in Tencent Cloud.

Click here to check the notice from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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August 1, 2017

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