How to Apply for ICP Filing?

Last updated: 2019-08-21 10:18:06


What are the prerequisites for ICP filing application?

In accordance with applicable regulations, the prerequisite for ICP filing application is to have a server and domain name in mainland China. If you want to apply through Tencent Cloud, you need to have a Tencent Cloud server and a domain name.

How can I apply for both a personal ICP filing and organizational ICP filing using the same Tencent Cloud account?

One Tencent Cloud account can be linked to only one entity.
You can use the account where you purchase a CVM to apply for ICP filing for an entity, and then register another account for another entity. You can also use the ICP filing authorization code.

How to apply for a provincial personal ICP filing if I am not in that province?

There are two remote application scenarios:

  1. You can apply for individual ICP filing locally if you meet your local Communications Administration Bureaus's requirements and able to provide required documents.
  2. You have to apply for individual ICP filing in the province listed on your ID if your local Communications Administration Bureaus does not allow remote application or if you fail to submit required documents.

How to apply for ICP filing for multiple websites at a time?

  • If multiple websites are filed under the name of the same entity, you can directly add the corresponding domain names and website information on the website information page during the application process.

How to apply for ICP filing for a gaming website?

A gaming website involves cultural contents, so you need to apply for an Internet Culture Business Permit from the provincial culture and tourism administration. For more information, contact your provincial culture and tourism administration. You will need to submit this permit when you submit your ICP filing application.

How to apply for ICP filing for an organization outside mainland China?

Currently, organizations outside mainland China cannot apply for ICP filing, and they have to set up a mainland China branch and obtain state-approved organizational identity documents.
If you need to apply, it is recommended that you purchase prepaid CVMs whose duration of use is at least 3 months.

How to apply for ICP filing for an adult products website?

According to China's regulations, information and services containing sex, erotic images, text descriptions are not suitable for minors, and should not be provided publicly on the Internet.
Application for ICP filing for an adult products website requires approvals by applicable industrial and commercial administrations and health authorities. And the business scope displayed on your business license must cover Internet information services for adult products or Internet sale of adult products.

How to apply for ICP filing using a non-Tencent Cloud server?

The application is verified by the access provider before submitted to Communications Administration Bureaus.

  • We cannot submit your ICP filing application if you do not use a Tencent Cloud server and you should submit via your server provider.
  • If you want to submit your application through Tencent Cloud, you need to purchase a Tencent Cloud CVM first.

How to apply for ICP filing for a domain name registered outside mainland China?

You need to first transfer the domain name to a competent service provider in mainland China before applying for ICP filing.

There is an in-progress application for ICP filing in my account. When can I submit another application?

Please note the following points if you have an in-progress application and want to submit a new one:

  1. If the in-progress application has not been submitted to Communications Administration Bureaus and your desired new application is of the same type, you can abort the in-progress one and then re-submit them together.
  2. If they are of different types, you have to submit them separately, but you can decide whether or not to abort the in-progress one based on business priority.
  3. Once the in-progress application is submitted, it will be locked and you can submit a new application only after it is processed by Communications Administration Bureaus.
  4. Whether the domain name in the in-progress application and that in the new application belong to the same entity matters:
    (1) If no, you need to register a new account for the new application as one account can be used to apply for ICP filing for only one entity;
    (2) If yes, you can only submit a new application after the in-progress one is processed by Communications Administration Bureaus, as there can be only one in-progress order in one account. You can also abort the in-progress application and then submit a new one for both the domain names.

How to apply for ICP filing for a BBS website?

Currently, individuals are not allowed to operate BBS websites. BBS website operation requires prerequisite BBS approval by the local Communications Administration Bureaus. Some provinces have stopped approving BBS websites. For details, please contact your local Communications Administration Bureaus.

I have an in-progress application for personal ICP filing for my domain name, and I want to apply for organizational ICP filing for a new domain name. What can I do?

You can register a new account for application.