ICP Filing Authorization Code

Last updated: 2019-08-21 10:18:35


What is a ICP filing authorization code?

ICP filing authorization code is a authorization credential generated by the server used for ICP filing application which actually points to the IP address of the server.

How many ICP filing authorization codes can one server generate?

Currently, one server can generate up to 5 authorization codes.

Can I purchase an ICP filing authorization code?

No. One server can generate up to 5 authorization codes after you purchase a mainland China server. You cannot sell these codes though.

After purchasing a CVM, why can't I apply for an ICP filing authorization code?

To successfully generate an authorization code, all the following conditions must be met:

  1. The CVM must be prepaid for at least 3 months and located in mainland China. Pay-as-you-go CVMs cannot generate authorization code.
  2. When the CVM is purchased, "Assign a public IP" must be selected.
  3. One CVM can generate up to 5 authorization codes.
  4. The IP that generates authorization code cannot be a CLB IP, as CLB is pay-as-you-go and cannot be used to generate authorization code.

Please check whether your CVM meets all the conditions above. If your CVM meets conditions 1 and 2 and has not generated more than 4 authorization codes, please contact customer service for assistance.

Can I reuse an ICP filing authorization code?

It depends on the situation:

  1. If you used an authorization code for ICP filing but did not finish the application, the code was not used successfully. Therefore, it can be used again before expiration (code expires when server IP expires).
  2. If the code has been successfully used for ICP filing, it cannot be reused.

Why is my ICP filing authorization code invalid?

An expired server may be the reason, so check if your server has expired.

There is a CVM in my account but when I try to generate an ICP filing authorization code, the system prompts that there is no associated CVM. What can I do?

If this occurs, please first check your server type. Only CVMs located in mainland China which are prepaid for at least 3 months can generate authorization code.

If your server is located in Hong Kong, China, there is no need to apply for ICP filing and the server cannot generate an authorization code.