ICP Filing Number

Last updated: 2019-09-18 10:25:21


What is an ICP filing number?

See the ICP filing number section in ICP Filing Overview.

Whether a website has obtained an ICP filing number is determined by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) website: website for query

What are requirements for using ICP filing number?

According to MIIT, you have to:

  1. Add the name of your organization before the ICP filing number.
  2. Display ICP filing number at your homepage bottom center and link it to MIIT website http://www.miibeian.gov.cn.


I just bought a new domain name, but system prompted that "an ICP filing number already exists". What should I do?

If your newly purchased domain has existing ICP filing information in MIIT and the information is not yours, the reason could be a person applied for ICP filing before and failed to deregister filing information after domain expiration. You can download a deregistration application form from the applicable Communications Administration Bureaus and apply for ICP filing information deregistration. After deregistration, you can re-apply for ICP filing. Directions:

  1. Visit MIIT's public query website and enter the domain name in ICP filing query > ICP filing information query to check the province of the existing ICP filing information.
  2. Visit MIIT's ICP/IP address/domain name ICP filing management system, find the province corresponding to the existing ICP filing information of the domain name in the Communications Administration Bureau System module and enter.
  3. On the corresponding province's homepage at MIIT website, find the Application Form for ICP Filing Deregistration (the name may vary by province) in Downloads and download it.

    Image description
  4. Fill out the form as instructed, print and mail it together with applicable materials to the designated address. After local Communications Administration Bureau completes the deregistration, you can re-apply for ICP filing for the domain name.

Why is an ICP filing number deregistered?

Reasons why an ICP filing number obtained from MIIT is deregistered may include:

  1. The ICP filing entity proactively applied for ICP filing deregistration directly to Communications Administration Bureaus or through the access provider.
    Possible reasons: The domain name is no longer owned by the entity; the entity no longer engages in website business; or the entity is changed or dissolved.
  2. The domain name has expired and the new domain name owner submitted an application for deregistration to Communications Administration Bureaus due to domain name conflict.
    Possible reasons: The domain name with ICP filing number has expired, but the new domain name owner couldn't submit an application for ICP filing (due to domain name conflict), so they submitted the domain name certificate and explanatory note to the local Communications Administration Bureau to apply for deregistration of the ICP filing number, which then deregistered the conflicting domain name's ICP filing after verifying the actual conditions. In this case, if there is only one website under the name of the entity, the entity will be deregistered; if there are multiple websites, only the website with the conflicting domain name will be deregistered, while the ICP filing information of other websites will be retained.
  3. The website information is false or inaccurate, or some information is missing in the ICP filing, and if the access provider cancels the access, Communications Administration Bureaus will perform deregistration.
    • In most cases, the reason why the access provider cancels the access is that the user no longer engages in website content services on the registered platform and stops using the servers of the access provider. After the access is canceled, the website becomes an empty shell and will be deregistered by Communications Administration Bureaus.
    • The website information is false or incorrect, for example, the owner's phone number has been changed or canceled, and if this is found during the spot checks by Communications Administration Bureaus or MIIT, deregistration will be performed.
  4. If the website contains illegal information, Communications Administration Bureaus will deregister the website and entity. In serious cases, the entity will be blacklisted and prohibited from re-applying for ICP filing with its identity document number or website name.

For the specific reason for ICP filing number deregistration, please contact your local Communications Administration Bureaus.

Can a deregistered ICP filing number be recovered?

Once the number is deregistered, it cannot be recovered and the website cannot be accessed normally. To make the website accessible again, it is recommended to resubmit an application for ICP filing for the website as soon as possible.

How long is the validity of an ICP filing number?

At present, there is no specific limitation to the validity period of ICP filing number. As long as your ICP filing information is true and correct, you apply for ICP filing information change as soon as any changes are made to your ICP filing information or apply for ICP filing transfer after changing your access provider, and your website does not contain any illegal contents, your ICP filing number will stay valid.

If Communications Administration Bureaus find your ICP filing application is for an empty website or if the website contains false information or illegal contents, your filing will be deleted, domain name will be deregistered and website will be inaccessible.