Getting Started

Last updated: 2019-06-19 15:31:27

Step 1: Login or Sign Up

Log in to Tencent Cloud official website. If you do not have an account, please refer to Sign Up for Tencent Cloud official website account registration.

Step 2: Apply Online

Go to the Tencent Cloud Conference Product Introduction page, click Contact Sales, fill out the service request form, click Send when you are finished, and complete the online application.

Step 3: Review Apply

After receiving the service request form, Tencent Cloud Conference team will conduct a review. Once approved, the Tencent Cloud Conference Team will contact you for further communication.

Step 4: Service Confirmation

After completing the preliminary needs review and business negotiation, our team will make confirmation of the number of the participants , functional requirements with organizers.

Step 5: Service Purchase

After confirming with scale and functional requirements, the Tencent Cloud Conference team will provide a quotation and contract.

Step 6: Deployment and Configuration

Tencent Cloud Conference team will create and provide relevant accounts for organizer.

Step 7: Service Acceptance

The organizer logs in to the backend platform and start creating a conference/activity.