REST API Overview

Last updated: 2019-06-26 10:01:32

Differences Between V3 and V2

  • V3 is fully based on HTTPS and no longer provides HTTP access.

  • V3 supports POST access and no longer provides GET access.

  • V3 uses HTTP Basic Authentication for access authorization. API requests can be done using common HTTP tools such as curl and Postman.

  • In V3, APIs are categorized according to business functions, including Push API, Tag API, Device API, and Tool API. The same URL is used for all APIs in one category to improve API usability.

  • V3 has improvements in functionality. A tool API for arrival statistics query is added, which is currently under beta test.

For V2, see the documentation at

Note: It is recommended to use the V3 APIs, and V2 APIs may be discontinued in the future.

API Overview

TPNS provides REST-compliant HTTP APIs for developers to remotely call the services provided by it.

The APIs are mainly divided into four categories:

API type Description Status
Push API It includes various APIs used to push messages Normal
Tag API It includes various APIs used to add, delete, and query tags Normal
Device API It includes various APIs used to query and delete account Implementing
Tool API It includes various APIs used to locate problems and query other data Implementing

Request Method

  • HTTPS is supported
  • POST is supported

Authentication Method

  • Basic authentication is used, i.e., adding a field (key-value pair) to the HTTP Header:

    Authorization: Basic base64_auth_string
  • The generation algorithm for base64_auth_string is: base64(APPID:SECRETKEY)

    That is to add a colon after APPID followed by SECRETKEY to form a string and then perform base64 encoding on the string.

  • APPID and SECRETKEY can be obtained in My apps > App configuration at the TPNS website.

Protocol Description

Request URL:<class_path>/<method>

Field name Usage Note API domain name None
v3 Version number None
class_path Category of the API provided Different APIs have different path names
method Feature API name Different feature APIs have different names

API Limitations

  • For Push API, the APIs for full push and tag push have limitations on call frequency. The default value is 30 times per ACCESS_ID per hour.
  • The size of the pushed message body cannot exceed 4 KB, and this limitation applies to the message field in Push API.


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