Product Overview

Last updated: 2019-11-13 09:38:20


Product Overview


TPNS is a professional mobile app push platform that can deliver tens of billions of notifications/messages per second. It can effectively increase user retention rate and engagement.

TPNS provides full-linkage mobile push capabilities. To push messages to users’ mobile devices, you only need to connect Tencent Cloud’s TPNS SDK, which takes less than 10 minutes. Click here to view tutorials.

TPNS also provides a convenient web-based console for operations, so developers can easily manage push messages, view push data, and test push notifications. You can send push messages and monitor data in real time through simple configurations.

TPNS also provides comprehensive device-specific and backend APIs , so you can customize push-related businesses and achieve advanced use cases such as personalized targeting.

Basic Features

TPNS offers a variety of powerful features to help you deliver messages to users precisely and rapidly.

Multiple push methods and types

TPNS offers a variety of push methods, to meet different business and industry needs. TPNS offers push types such as notification panel messages, in-app push notifications, as well as redirection to apps, H5 and Deeplink after clicking. TPNS also offers scheduled and repeated push notifications to meet your needs in different use cases.

Self-built channels+ vendor channels, rapid and stable delivery

TPNS supports the integration of primary vendor channels and the Google-supported FCM channel overseas. It can select the optimal channel based on the device brand, to implement system-level push on vendor mobile phones and effectively improve delivery rate. You can push up to 300,000 messages per second via exclusive channels and deliver a message in milliseconds.

Session Keep-Alive

TPNS’s unique dual service architecture for session keep-alive uses master-slave dual services for multiple apps instead of only using one service for one app. It enables stable message delivery, reduces power and traffic consumption, increases delivery as well as click-through conversion rate. This feature is free for users of top apps such as Arena of Valor, significantly improving message delivery.

Abundant tags, precise push

Developers can call TPNS SDK and backend APIs to bind one or multiple tags to the device. After binding, developers can target tags for push notifications to facilitate more precise operations.

Real-time push effect analysis

TPNS provides real-time analysis of push effects. Data for message delivery and click-through is collected in real time and displayed visually in the console, to facilitate real-time monitoring of push results.