Product Advantages

Last updated: 2020-08-26 14:19:20

    Excellent and Reliable Performance Metrics

    TPNS provides a processing power of 300,000 push messages per second, outperforming its competitors in the industry. It sustains hundreds of millions of push messages per day for top applications such as the Honor of Kings. The stability of the TPNS system and SDK has been proved on a large number of applications.

    Strong Keep-Alive Capability for High Delivery Rate

    With the industry's highest daily active device coverage of 320 million and mutual dual service keep-alive mechanism, TPNS ensures stable persistent connections, offers a high keep-alive rate, and achieves a delivery rate of 99.9% for online devices. It supports Mi, Huawei, Meizu, OPPO, and Vivo vendor channels and can intelligently select the optimal channel based on the device brand to implement system-level push on mobile phones and effectively improve the push delivery rate.

    Tencent Digital Application Ecosystem

    Taking TPNS as the core, Tencent's digital capabilities enable you to elastically and rapidly establish a closed-loop digital ecosystem from the base layer to the top layer. Leveraging Tencent's big data capabilities such as intelligent recommendation, data analysis, and digital marketing, TPNS helps you break through push service bottlenecks and drive user engagement.

    Real-Time Push Effect Analysis

    TPNS provides real-time analysis of push effects. Statistics for message delivery and click-through is collected in real time and displayed visually in the console to facilitate real-time monitoring of push results.