Use Cases

Last updated: 2020-09-01 16:13:54

    Social Networking

    • Scenario description: when a user performs an operation such as liking, commenting, or sharing in an application with social networking features, the application can call the TPNS service to send a reminder message to target users, who can receive the reminder without opening the application. This can promote repeated user interaction, which helps form a closed functionality loop and improve the user activity.
    • Success stories: Qinbaobao, Huanyu, Meipian.


    • Scenario description: gaming, ecommerce, and utility applications usually need to promote and market their products. They can call the corresponding TPNS APIs to accurately filter tags and select target audience for targeted message push, which enables them to reach more users in a more active way, encourage spending, and therefore improve the conversion effect of marketing campaigns.
    • Success stories: Honor of Kings, Evernote.

    System Notification

    • Scenario description: utility applications or applications requiring system notifications usually need to notify users of user or system feature status changes promptly. They can call the corresponding TPNS APIs to directly push messages to target devices by specifying the accounts based on their server business logic, which can drive users to perform specific operations and form a closed loop of user experience.
    • Success stories: Tencent Class, WeBank.

    User Engagement

    • Scenario description: product teams generally need to carry out layered operational events for users in different phases throughout the product lifecycle, such as pushing product guides to new users. By accurately profiling new users, they can make precise predications in various aspects such as the problems that may occur in actual use and the events that may interest users the most, based on which they can actively push messages in a more targeted manner to improve the user retention rate and attract more active users.
    • Success stories: WeComics, Caigexingqiu,


    • Scenario description: news and video applications always need to stay on top of breaking and trending news and swiftly deliver news stories to target users. They can use the channel capabilities of TPNS that support high numbers of concurrent messages and industry-leading millisecond-level message push to send message notifications to users with specific tags, so as to reach more users and increase the page views of pushed content and user stickiness.
    • Success stories: Yangshipin, Tencent Sports.