Purchasing push services

Last updated: 2020-02-25 18:14:56

    Operation Scenarios

    Once the app is created, you can purchase the push service. This document guides you how to purchase the push service.


    Purchase service

    1. Log in to the TPNS Console , and click Product Management In the left sidebar.
    2. Go to the product list page, select the application for which you want to purchase a service, and click purchase push Service.
    3. Go to the TPNS payment page, and select the package version and duration you want to purchase. Check if the Access ID of the package is correct, and click Purchase .
    4. After the purchase is completed, wait for Assign resources, and when Assign's progress reaches 100%, click next to start configuring SDK.

    Applications on different platforms need to purchase push services separately.

    Apply for test application

    After the purchase of the application push service is completed, you can click "apply for trial / Test" on the service management page to complete the test application according to the following steps.

    1. Click "Daily Product Test"
    2. Select Associate's paid application and click OK to complete the test application.
    3. After waiting for approval, the test application can use the push service.
    • Each paid application can and can only apply for one test application for the corresponding platform (for example, Android and iOS), while Expire tests the application Expire.
    • A maximum of 100 devices can participate in testing for beta applications. If this limit is exceeded, the beta may be terminated. To avoid loss, do not use beta applications for commercial purposes.

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