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Last updated: 2020-10-26 15:23:41

    Operation Scenario

    This document guides you how to create a push notification in the TPNS console.


    TPNS service is required to create a push notification. If you haven't purchased TPNS service, see Purchase Directions


    Downloading SDK

    1. Log in to TPNS Console, and click Download SDK in the left sidebar.
    2. Enter the Download SDK page, select the version you need to download, and click Download. Perform configurations according to the guidelines.

    Configuring push parameters

    1. Log in to Tencent Push Notification Service Console and select Push in the left sidebar.
    2. Go to the mobile push page, and click Push Notifications. Enter the notification title and notification content. The notification preview will be displayed on the right side of the page.
      • Push time configuration: Supports instant, scheduled, and loop modes.
      • Push target configuration: Supports push to all users and to specific users. Specific users can be a specific token or account, a set of batch accounts or tagged users.
      • Additional parameters: You can select additional parameters in the data format of key:value, for more push content.
      • Rich media content: You can add rich media content, by entering the URL corresponding to an image.
      • Advanced settings: TPNS also supports other advanced settings, including the following content:
        • Badge number: number of messages reached but not clicked.
        • GroupID: a field for aggregated statistics of multiple push tasks.
        • Offline storage: sets the offline storage period in 0-72 hours. Up to 3 latest push messages can be saved for 24 hours by default.
        • Click open: Sets push click open actions. Actions include apps, in-app pages, URLs, and client customization.
        • Reminder formats: Sets reminder formats, custom ringtones, etc.
        • Multiple package name push: Supports push with multiple package names.
    3. After selecting push content, click Confirm Push. After completing the push, you will be automatically redirected to the push record page.

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