Acquisition of Vendor Channel Arrival Receipt

Last updated: 2020-05-19 17:21:39


To help you analyze the full-linkage message push effect, TPNS supports display of arriving data through vendor channels. The support for receipt of arriving data varies by vendor in China, and data of some channels cannot be directly obtained without corresponding configuration.

After successfully configuring the arriving data display feature, you can view the push conversion data in push details in the TPNS Console or get it by using a TPNS RESTful API.


Vendor Channel Arrival Supported Configuration Required
Huawei channel Yes Yes
Mi channel Yes No
OPPO channel Yes No
Vivo channel Yes No
Meizu channel No No

Configuration Guide

The acquisition of arriving data through the Huawei channel needs to be configured by yourself. For more information on how to configure it, please see Message Receipt on the Huawei Developer Platform. The configuration process is as follows:

Enabling receipt permission

  1. Log in to AppGallery Connect and select My App.
  2. Select the product name of your application for which you want to activate the push service to enter the application information page.
  3. Click the Develop tab and select Growing > Push Service on the left sidebar.
  4. In the service status section, click Activate. After the service is activated, you can select whether to enable receipt.

Configuring receipt parameters

  1. Configure the message receipt address as described below:

    • Cluster in Guangzhou:
    • Cluster in Hong Kong (China):
    • Cluster in Singapore:
  2. Configure the HTTPS certificate. Click here to download it.

  3. Configure the username and key (optional) for authentication.

  4. Click Test Receipt to test the receipt address.

    Currently, if you click Test Receipt, the error message "Certificate error. Please modify and upload it again" will be displayed. Ignore it and click Submit.

  5. Click Submit to activate the service.