Quick Integration with iOS

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    This document describes how to quickly integrate TPNS into your iOS application. You can use the local tool to configure TPNS for your application in just a few clicks with no code integration required.

    Preparing for Integration

    1. Before integrating the SDK, you need to log in to the TPNS Console and create the product and iOS application. For detailed directions, please see Creating Products and Applications.

    2. Upload the push certificate on the Configuration Management page. You can get the push certificate as instructed in Getting Certificate.

    3. After completing the above steps, click "Quick Integration" to download the quick integration tool.

    4. Decompress the package and double-click TPNS Smart Tool.

    5. The message "Unable to open TPNS Smart Tool" will be displayed.

    6. Go to "System Preferences" > "Security & Privacy" > "General" and click "Open Anyway".

    7. Enter the system password as prompted to confirm the operation and click "Open Anyway" again after the confirmation. The "Open" button will be displayed.

    Starting Integration

    Install and open "TPNS Smart Tool" and perform the following operations:

    1. Click "Start Integration".

    2. Enter the AccessID and AccessKey of the current application (you can get them on the Configuration Management page of the application in Product Management).

    3. Select the programming language (Objective-C or Swift) used by your Xcode project.

    4. Upload your Xcode project file (.xcodeproj).

    5. Click Quick Integration and wait for the integration result.

      • If you select Objective-C as the programming language and the following prompt is displayed, the SDK is successfully integrated.
      • If you select Swift as the programming language and the following prompt is displayed, the SDK is successfully integrated.
    6. Open the application project configuration and check whether the current project certificate supports push; and if not, process the certificate as prompted by Xcode.

    Verifying Integration Result

    Connect your iPhone to Xcode, install the application, and view the logs in the console. If a log similar to the one below is displayed, the client has properly integrated the SDK.

    [TPNS]Current device token is 80ba1c251161a397692a107f0433d7fd9eb59******85030f1b913625a9dab
    [TPNS]Current XG token is 05da87c0ae597******a9e08d884aada5bb2

    If the token cannot be found, please check the error code returned by the registration API and troubleshoot as instructed in Error Codes.

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