Android SDK Upgrade Guide

Last updated: 2021-08-02 11:34:58

    TPNS Android SDK v1.2.5.0

    1. Configure the dependent environment for your project (optional)

    If you cannot pull the dependencies when using SDK dependencies, you can consider adding the Google-recommended image source MavenCentral and Tencent Cloud image source in the allprojects.repositories file of your project’s root directory build.gradle. Below is a code sample:

    allprojects {
       repositories {
            // Google-recommended image source `MavenCentral`
           // Tencent Cloud image source
           maven { url '' }

    2. Add configuration (required)

    When using the newly added tag query API, you need to add the implementation method onQueryTagsResult in the implementation class that inherits XGPushBaseReceiver. Below is a code sample:

    public class MessageReceiver extends XGPushBaseReceiver {
        // Other callback APIs
        // ...
        // Tag query callback API
       public void onQueryTagsResult(Context context, int errorCode, String data, String operateName) {
           Log.i(LogTag, "action - onQueryTagsResult, errorCode:" + errorCode + ", operateName:" + operateName + ", data: " + data);