Managing Clusters

Last updated: 2020-02-28 19:19:56


Managing the Cluster List

After successfully creating a cluster, log in to the EMR Console and enter the cluster list page to manage its information.

  • Select the "Region" drop-down list to browse clusters by region.
  • Select an EMR cluster instance, select More > Edit Tags, and click the icon in the top-right corner to customize a column so as to add a column of set tags.
  • Click Copy on the right of an instance ID/name to copy the instance ID. Click the ID to view the cluster details.
  • Click Modify on the right of an instance ID/name to rename the cluster.
  • In the Management column of the instance list, click Details to view the details of an instance.
  • In the Management column of the instance list, click the More drop-down list to select to restart a component, terminate a cluster, or export software configuration.

Viewing Cluster Details

Click Details in the Management column of the instance list or click a cluster ID to enter the cluster details page.

You can view the server configuration, software configuration information, and node information of the cluster.

  • The server configuration information section displays basic information of the cluster, such as network information, creation time, security group, and high-availability enablement status.
  • The software configuration information section displays the software tools installed in the cluster and their version numbers, COS activation status, and Kerberos mode enablement status.
  • The node information section displays the quantity of nodes in each type.

If COS has not been activated for a cluster, and you want to activate it now for business needs, you can click Set and enter the correct authentication address, SecretID, and SecretKey as required.

To ensure that COS can be properly activated and take effect after authentication, please make sure that the access domain names corresponding to the SecretID and SecretKey are the same.

For detailed directions, please see Manually Activating COS in Console.