Last updated: 2019-09-26 18:29:49



DDoS attacks are particularly common in the gaming industry. Anti-DDoS Pro effectively ensures usability and continuity to guarantee a smooth experience for players. At the same time, it ensures that normal gaming continues throughout peak periods, such as the release of new games or during festivals and holidays.


Anti-DDoS Pro ensures smooth and uninterrupted access to websites, especially during major sales promotions.


Anti-DDoS Pro helps you meet financial compliance and provide fast, secure, and reliable online transaction services to your customers.

Government Affairs

To meet the high-security standards required for government cloud deployment, Anti-DDoS Pro provides high-level security for major government conferences and activities, especially during sensitive periods. It ensures the availability of public services and thus helps increase government credibility.


Anti-DDoS Pro ensures that company websites are always available and helps to prevent the financial losses and negative affect on brand image resulting from DDoS attacks. In addition, you can save on investments in infrastructure, hardware, and maintenance.