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Unblocking Blackhole

API Name Feature
CreateUnblockIp Unblocks IP
DescribeBasicDeviceThreshold Gets blackhole threshold of Anti-DDoS Basic
DescribeIpBlockList Gets blocked IP list
DescribeIpUnBlockList Gets IP unblocking records
DescribeUnBlockStatis Gets the number of blackhole unblockings

Access Configuration APIs

API Name Feature
CreateL4HealthConfig Uploads layer-4 health check configuration
CreateL4Rules Adds layer-4 forwarding rule
CreateL7HealthConfig Uploads layer-7 health check configuration
CreateL7RuleCert Configures certificate for layer-7 forwarding rule
CreateL7Rules Adds layer-7 forwarding rule
CreateL7RulesUpload Uploads layer-7 forwarding rules in batches
CreateNewL7RulesUpload Batch uploads Layer-7 forwarding rules.
DeleteL4Rules Deletes one or more layer-4 forwarding rules
DeleteL7Rules Deletes one or more layer-7 forwarding rules
DescribeL4HealthConfig Exports layer-4 health check configuration
DescribeL4RulesErrHealth Gets the exception result of layer-4 forwarding rule health check
DescribeL7HealthConfig Exports layer-7 health check configuration
DescribeRuleSets Gets the number of rules of resource
DescribeSourceIpSegment Gets intermediate IP range
DescribleL4Rules Gets layer-4 forwarding rule
DescribleL7Rules Gets layer-7 forwarding rule
ModifyL4Health Modifies the health check parameters of layer-4 forwarding rule
ModifyL4KeepTime Modifies the session persistence of layer-4 forwarding rule
ModifyL4Rules Modifies layer-4 forwarding rule
ModifyL7Rules Modifies the layer-7 forwarding rules.
ModifyNewDomainRules Modifies layer-7 forwarding rules
ModifyNewL4Rule Modifies layer-4 forwarding rules

Statistical Report

API Name Feature
DescribeBaradData Gets forwarding report data
DescribeCCEvList Gets CC attack event list
DescribeCCTrend Gets CC attack metric data
DescribeDDoSAttackIPRegionMap Gets the geographical distribution map of DDoS attack source IPs
DescribeDDoSAttackSource Gets DDoS attack source list
DescribeDDoSCount Gets DDoS attack proportion analysis
DescribeDDoSEvInfo Gets details of a specific DDoS attack
DescribeDDoSEvList Gets DDoS attack event list
DescribeDDoSIpLog Gets DDoS IP attack log
DescribeDDoSNetCount Gets DDoS attack proportion analysis for Anti-DDoS Ultimate resource
DescribeDDoSNetEvInfo Gets the DDoS attack details of Anti-DDoS Ultimate resource
DescribeDDoSNetEvList Gets the DDoS attack list of Anti-DDoS Ultimate resource
DescribeDDoSNetIpLog Gets the DDoS IP attack logs of Anti-DDoS Ultimate resource
DescribeDDoSNetTrend Gets the DDoS attack metric data of Anti-DDoS Ultimate resource
DescribeDDoSTrend Gets DDoS attack metric data
DescribeDDoSUsedStatis Gets DDoS protection usage statistics
DescribePcap Downloads the PCAP packet of attack event
DescribeSecIndex Gets security statistics
DescribeTransmitStatis Gets business forwarding statistics

CC Attack Protection Policies

API Name Feature
CreateCCFrequencyRules Adds access frequency control rule for CC protection
CreateCCSelfDefinePolicy Creates custom CC policy
CreateL7CCRule Creates customer layer-7 CC rule
DeleteCCFrequencyRules Deletes access frequency control rule for CC protection
DeleteCCSelfDefinePolicy Deletes a custom CC policy
DescribeBasicCCThreshold Gets CC protection threshold of Anti-DDoS Basic
DescribeCCAlarmThreshold Gets CC alarm notification threshold
DescribeCCFrequencyRules Gets access frequency control rule for CC protection
DescribeCCIpAllowDeny Gets CC IP blocklist/allowlist
DescribeCCSelfDefinePolicy Gets custom CC policy
DescribeCCUrlAllow Gets CC URL allowlist
ModifyCCAlarmThreshold Sets CC alarm notification threshold
ModifyCCFrequencyRules Modifies access frequency control rule for CC protection
ModifyCCFrequencyRulesStatus Enables or disables access frequency control rule for CC protection
ModifyCCHostProtection Enables or disables CC domain name protection
ModifyCCIpAllowDeny Adds/Removes CC IP to/from blocklist/allowlist
ModifyCCLevel Modifies CC protection level
ModifyCCPolicySwitch Enables or disables custom CC policy
ModifyCCSelfDefinePolicy Modifies custom CC policy
ModifyCCThreshold Modifies CC protection threshold
ModifyCCUrlAllow Adds/Removes CC URL to/from allowlist

DDoS Attack Protection Policies

API Name Feature
CreateBasicDDoSAlarmThreshold Sets DDoS alarm threshold for Anti-DDoS Basic
CreateDDoSPolicy Adds advanced DDoS policy
CreateDDoSPolicyCase Adds policy scenario
DeleteDDoSPolicy Deletes an advanced DDoS protection policy
DeleteDDoSPolicyCase Deletes a policy scenario
DescribeBGPIPL7RuleMaxCnt Gets the maximum number of layer-7 rules that can be added for Anti-DDoS Advanced
DescribeDDoSAlarmThreshold Gets DDoS alarm notification threshold
DescribeDDoSDefendStatus Gets DDoS protection status
DescribeDDoSPolicy Gets advanced DDoS policy
DescribePolicyCase Gets policy scenario
ModifyDDoSAIStatus Modifies DDoS AI protection status
ModifyDDoSAlarmThreshold Sets DDoS alarm notification threshold
ModifyDDoSDefendStatus Modifies DDoS protection status
ModifyDDoSLevel Modifies DDoS IP protection level
ModifyDDoSPolicy Modifies advanced DDoS policy
ModifyDDoSPolicyCase Modifies policy scenario
ModifyDDoSPolicyName Renames advanced DDoS policy
ModifyDDoSSwitch Enables or disables DDoS protection
ModifyDDoSThreshold Modifies DDoS cleansing threshold.
ModifyDDoSWaterKey Modifies watermark key
ModifyResBindDDoSPolicy Binds advanced DDoS policy to resource

Intelligent scheduling APIs

API Name Feature
DescribeSchedulingDomainList Get scheduling domain name list

Asset List

API Name Feature
CreateBoundIP Binds an IP to Anti-DDoS Pro instance
CreateInstanceName Renames resource instance
CreateNetReturn Switches to real server
DescribeActionLog Gets operation logs
DescribeIPProductInfo Gets Tencent Cloud asset information corresponding to IP of single IP instance or multi-IP instance
DescribeInsurePacks Gets guarantee package list
DescribePackIndex Gets product overview
DescribeResIpList Gets the IP list of resource
DescribeResourceList Gets resource list.
DescribleRegionCount Gets the number of resource instances in region
ModifyElasticLimit Modifies elastic protection threshold
ModifyNetReturnSwitch Sets automatic switch to real server
ModifyResourceRenewFlag Enables or disables auto-renewal for a resource

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