Viewing Key

Last updated: 2019-11-28 17:01:51

    Operation Scenarios

    You can log in to the KMS Console or call KMS TCCLI to view key details, such as the CMK ID list and CMK name, ID, status, and region. This document describes how to view the CMK ID list and details in the console.

    Viewing Key ID List

    1. Log in to the KMS Console.
    2. Switch regions to view the CMK list in other regions.
    3. You can enter the CMK's full or partial name or ID in the filter box on the right of the page to search for the target key.

      Search by name

      Search by ID

    Viewing Key ID Details

    1. Log in to the KMS Console.
    2. Locate the target key. For more information, please see Viewing Key ID List.
    3. Click the key ID/name to view its details.