Operations Logged by CloudAudit

Last updated: 2021-03-24 17:51:25

Tencent Cloud CloudAudit logs KMS operation events. The operations that can be logged by CloudAudit are as follows:

Operation Name Event Name
Creating a CMK CreateKey
Getting the attributes of a CMK DescribeKey
Getting the attributes of multiple CMKs DescribeKeys
Getting the CMK list ListKey
Getting the CMK list details ListKeyDetail
Modifying the CMK description UpdateKeyDescription
Modifying an alias UpdateAlias
Enabling a CMK EnableKey
Disabling a CMK DisableKey
Batch enabling CMKs EnableKeys
Batch disabling CMKs DisableKeys
Setting schedule deletion for a CMK ScheduleKeyDeletion
Canceling schedule deletion for a CMK CancelKeyDeletion
Getting the parameters of the CMK materials to be imported GetParametersForImport
Importing key materials ImportKeyMaterial
Creating a white-box key CreateWhiteBoxKey
Encrypting data with a white-box key EncryptByWhiteBox
Enabling a white-box key EnableWhiteBoxKey
Disabling a white-box key DisableWhiteBoxKey
Batch enabling white-box keys EnableWhiteBoxKeys
Batch disabling white-box keys DisableWhiteBoxKeys
Deleting a white-box key DeleteWhiteBoxKey
Getting the white-box key service status DescribeWhiteBoxServiceStatus
Overwriting the device fingerprint of a specified key OverwriteWhiteBoxDeviceFingerprints
Getting the device fingerprint list of a specified key DescribeWhiteBoxDeviceFingerprints
Getting a white-box decryption key DescribeWhiteBoxDecryptKey
Decrypting data Decrypt
Encrypting data Encrypt
Generating a signature SignByAsymmetricKey
Verifying a signature VerifyByAsymmetricKey
Archiving a key ArchiveKey
Canceling archive CancelKeyArchive
Getting the service AZs GetRegions
Refreshing the ciphertext ReEncrypt
Generating a random number GenerateRandom
Generating a DEK GenerateDataKey
Querying service status GetServiceStatus
Listing the encryption methods supported in the current region ListAlgorithms
Disabling key rotation DisableKeyRotation
Enabling key rotation EnableKeyRotation
Querying key rotation status GetKeyRotationStatus
Binding a CMK with a Tencent Cloud service BindCloudResource
Unbinding a CMK from a Tencent Cloud service UnbindCloudResource
Getting the public key of a pair of asymmetric keys GetPublicKey
Using SM2 to decrypt data with asymmetric keys AsymmetricSm2Decrypt
Using RSA to decrypt data with asymmetric keys AsymmetricRsaDecrypt