Instance Management

Last updated: 2020-06-02 18:21:30

    This document describes how to manage instances in the DBbrain Console. This document uses the Instance List and Exception Alarm pages as examples to introduce DBbrain's management features.

    Currently, this feature is supported only for TencentDB for MySQL (excluding the Basic Edition).

    Instance List

    The Instance List page displays the information of the database instances currently supporting DBbrain. Basic information such as the instance names, IDs and statuses of the database instances as well as their connection sources, groups, exception alarms, health scores, and operations can be found here.

    • In the Group column, you can select the default group or custom create a group. You can also select one or multiple instances in the instance list and click Manage Group at the top to switch them to another group or add them to a new group.
    • The Exception Alarm column displays the number of exceptions of the instance detected by 24/7 Exception Diagnosis. You can click to view more details.
    • The Health Score column displays the instance health score (the higher the score, the healthier the instance) rated during periodic health checks.
    • In the Operation column, select Diagnosis and Optimization to access the specific feature details page and view the instance operation status.

    Exception Alarms

    The exception alarms page displays the information overview of exception alarms (exceptions detected by 24/7 Exception Diagnosis) generated by database instances connected to DBbrain under your account.
    Severity levels include notice, warning, severe, and fatal. You can filter, aggregate, and search for alarms by field. You can also click Details to view specific information about the exception and the optimization suggestion for the exception.

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