Real-Time Session

Last updated: 2020-06-02 18:21:31

    You can use the real-time session feature of DBbrain to view the real-time session information of the current instance. This document describes how to use the real-time session feature.

    Currently, real-time session is supported only for TencentDB for MySQL (excluding the Basic Edition).

    Performance and Connection Monitoring

    Log in to the DBbrain Console, select Diagnosis and Optimization on the left sidebar, and select Real-Time Session at the top.

    • The Performance Monitoring column displays in real time the number of running threads and the CPU utilization of the instance.
    • The Connection Monitoring column displays in real time the maximum number of connections and the number of active connections of the instance.

    Running Threads

    This section visually displays the SHOW PROCESSLIST command execution result of your database instance, and the displayed data is refreshed once every five seconds by default. You can filter data based on your needs using the following dimensions:

    • Thread types: All, Query, or Not Sleep.
    • Number of entries: 20, 50, or 100.
    • Refresh intervals: 5 seconds, 15 seconds, or 30 seconds.
    • You can choose to stop refresh or enable auto-refresh.

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