Database Inspection

Last updated: 2020-07-29 10:41:39

    Database inspection is used to automate full instance health checks regularly. You can also set up custom inspections based on your own needs to help troubleshoot potential instance issues and provide solutions.


    Currently, database inspection is supported only for TencentDB for MySQL (excluding the Basic Edition).

    Log in to the DBbrain Console and select Database Inspection on the left sidebar.

    Database Inspection List

    The database inspection list displays a summary of inspection information generated by the database instance, such as basic instance information (instance name/ID, configuration, etc.), health level, CPU utilization, memory utilization, and total requests.

    • You can select last 1 day, last 3 days, last 7 days or any time period to view the full instance inspection information. You can also perform fuzzy search by instance ID, private IP, health level, etc.
    • Click Export on the top right to export the report information of full instance inspection.
    • The "Health Level" column displays the health level obtained through regular health inspections, including healthy, sub-healthy, dangerous, and high-risk.
    • You can click Deduction Details in the "Operation" column to view the reason for deduction of health level, including name, category, max severity, occurrences, and deduction details. For detailed description of diagnosis items, please see Exception Alarm.
    • You can click View Report in the "Operation" column to view or download the health report of the instance.

    Custom Settings

    DBbrain provides custom settings. Click Custom Settings to enter the instance management page and set the instance to be displayed. For more information, please see Instance Management.

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