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Release Notes

Last updated: 2021-05-11 09:38:01

    March 2021

    UpdateDescriptionRelease DateDocument
    Scanning tables without primary key is supported With this feature, you can detect tables without primary key in the current instance through regular scanning and manual refreshing. 2021-03 Space Analysis

    December 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Sending health report via email is supported Users can easily know the health status of the database instance through the health reports email without logging in to the console. Users can also customize the health reports and recipients as needed. 2020-12 Sending Health Report Email

    October 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Connection to TencentDB for MySQL instances in new regions is supported DBbrain can connect to TencentDB for MySQL instances in the following regions: Taipei (China), Mumbai, Singapore, Bangkok, Frankfurt, Moscow, Toronto, Seoul, and Tokyo. 2020-10 Region List
    DBbrain supports TencentDB for CynosDB (compatible with MySQL) The following DBbrain features are supported for TencentDB for CynosDB (compatible with MySQL): instance overview, instance management, database inspection, exception alarms, monitoring dashboards, full instance monitoring, exception diagnosis, performance trends, real-time sessions, etc. 2020-10 Feature List

    July 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Supported monitoring dashboard The monitoring dashboard feature supports dashboard customization and allows you to link, compare, and view the monitoring data of multiple instances and metrics. 2020-07 Monitoring Dashboard
    Supported performance trends The performance trends feature supports selection of multiple performance metrics and multiple ways to view performance trends, such as fine-grained view of one single performance metric trend, link comparison view of multiple performance metric trends, and time comparison view of multiple performance metric trends. 2020-07 Performance Trends
    Supported quick execution for database account authentication and common OPS commands The SQL optimization feature helps you authorize database accounts, batch execute SQL statements, query history records, and identify transactions. It also provides common OPS commands for quick execution. 2020-07 SQL Optimization
    Added SQL throttling and hotspot update protection The SQL throttling feature is now available to help you downgrade business at database level. The hotspot update protection feature is under beta test. It can improve database concurrency performance. 2020-07 Real-Time Session
    Added physical file size measurement The space analysis feature calculates the sizes of physical files and provides trend curves of top tables and databases. 2020-07 Space Analysis

    June 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Connection to database instances in new regions is supported DBbrain now supports connecting to database instances in the Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chongqing, Chengdu, Hong Kong (China), Silicon Valley, and Virginia regions. 2020-06 -

    May 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Supported database inspection The database inspection feature regularly automates health inspection of full instance. You can also set up custom inspections based on your own needs to help troubleshoot potential instance issues and provide solutions. 2020-05 Database Inspection
    Launched the SQL optimization effect prediction and comparison engine The SQL optimization feature can display execution plan and overheads comparison before and after SQL optimization as well as performance improvement rate. 2020-05 SQL Optimization
    Added database account security scan The database account security scan feature is launched to ensure account/password security. 2020-05 -
    Upgraded database health scoring system The database health scoring system is upgraded to get more accurate running status of user's database by using AI. 2020-05 -
    Added new exception diagnosis items New exception diagnosis items are added, including availability exception diagnosis (OOM, primary-secondary switch, failover, and delayed elimination) and root cause analysis. 2020-05 Exception Diagnosis

    February 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Added statistics to slow SQL analysis Statistics are available in slow SQL analysis, including time consumed distribution and source IP analysis. 2020-02 Slow SQL Analysis
    Supported instance list management The instance management feature displays the information of the database instances currently supporting DBbrain. It mainly shows the basic information of database instances (instance name/ID, status, etc.) and their access sources, groups, exception alarms, health scores, and operations. 2020-02 Instance Management
    Supported exception alarm The exception alarm feature displays the information overview of exception alarms (exceptions detected by "24/7 Exception Diagnosis") generated by database instances connected to DBbrain, including the basic information of the database instance (instance name/ID, private IP, AZ), risk level, diagnosis items, duration, and operations. 2020-02 Exception Alarm

    December 2019

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Supported full instance monitoring The full instance monitoring page gives you an overview of the database monitoring metrics of all instances. The unified monitoring view displays the horizontal view of single monitoring metrics of all instances, allowing you to view and detect database exceptions and providing you with a new macro view on monitoring information. 2019-12 Full Instance Monitoring

    November 2019

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Supported health score and health report The health score is used as a measure of the overall health of a database instance to show its health status. The health report feature can routinely perform health checks on the database instance and output the corresponding health reports for the specified time period. 2019-11 Health Report
    Supported instance dashboard The instance dashboard feature displays the summary of your instances. You can view information such as task execution, region distribution, real-time performance, and health assessment of all connected instances, which helps you stay up to date with all your database instances. 2019-11 Instance Overview
    Supported SQL optimization The SQL optimization feature allows you to optimize SQL statements in just a few clicks and provides the corresponding execution plan interpretation and optimization advice. 2019-11 SQL Optimization
    Supported real-time session The real-time session feature supports viewing real-time session information of the current instance, including performance and connection monitoring, running threads, and online killed sessions. 2019-11 Real-Time Session

    August 2019

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Supported audit log analysis (formerly SQL insight) The audit log analysis feature can carry out in-depth SQL analysis for a database instance. It can collect the statistics of, sample, and aggregate all SQL statements and their execution information based on the audit logs generated by the database within a specified time period.
    It analyzes the SQL performance based on the execution plan result, comprehensive resource consumption, sizes of scan set and result set, and index usage rationality of the aggregated SQL statements. Then, it provides optimization advice for poorly performing SQL statements by taking into account the index conditions and database/table design.
    2019-08 Audit Log Analysis (Formerly SQL Insight)
    Supported exception diagnosis Exception diagnosis provides real-time and historical views. The exception diagnosis feature provides you with real-time performance monitoring, health checks, and failure diagnosis and optimization, so that you can intuitively know the real-time operation status of database instances, locate newly appeared performance exceptions in real time, and optimize the system based on the optimization suggestions. 2019-08 Exception Diagnosis
    Supported slow SQL analysis The slow SQL analysis feature calculates, samples, and aggregates records and execution information (source information, number of executions, execution duration, etc.) of slow SQL statements on the instance.
    Slow SQL analysis analyzes the performance of slow SQL statements based on the execution plan, comprehensive resource consumption, sizes of scan and result sets, and index usage rationality of the aggregated SQL statements and provides optimization suggestions.
    2019-08 Slow SQL Analysis
    Supported disk space analysis Using the space analysis, you can view the instance capacity utilization, including the sizes of data and log capacities, the daily increase in capacity utilization, the estimated number of available days, and the capacity used by tablespaces under the instance. 2019-08 Space Analysis
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