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Billing Overview

Last updated: 2022-03-16 20:06:45

    A VPN connection consists of three parts: VPN tunnel, customer gateway, and VPN gateway. This document describes the billing details of each part.


    The price information presented in the tables of this document is for reference only. When it is inconsistent with the price information on the purchase page, the later shall prevail.

    VPN Tunnel

    VPN tunnels are free of charge.

    Customer Gateway

    Customer gateways are free of charge.

    VPN Gateway

    The bill-by-traffic mode is applicable for VPN gateways.


    The traffic here refers to the outbound traffic of the VPN gateway, which is also called the downstream traffic.


    Bill-by-traffic is a pay-as-you-go billing mode and involves two parts of fee: traffic fee generated by public network access and gateway fee (billed on an hourly basis).

    • For details about traffic fee, please see Public Network - Bill-by-traffic.
    • For gateway fee, see the following table:
      Gateway specification Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Nanjing Tianjin Hong Kong, China Silicon Valley, Frankfurt, Seoul, Mumbai, Virginia, Moscow, Tokyo, Taipei (China) Toronto, Singapore, Bangkok
      0.078 USD/hr 0.078 USD/hr 0.088 USD/hr 0.088 USD/hr 0.12 USD/hr
      200 Mbps/500 Mbps/1,000 Mbps 0.46 USD/hr - 0.62 USD/hr - -

    The bandwidth specifications of 200 MB, 500 MB and 1,000 MB are currently only available in North China (Beijing), East China (Shanghai), South China (Guangzhou), Southwest China (Chengdu), Hong Kong (China), East China (Nanjing). If you need these specifications in other availability zones, please submit a ticket.

    Billing example

    Assume a user purchases 50 Mbps VPN gateway in Beijing with the bill-by-traffic option and uses a total of 5 GB traffic between 07:00:00-07:59:59, then at 08:00:00, the user will be required to pay the following fees:

    • Traffic fee: the traffic price is 0.12 USD/GB in Beijing. Traffic fee = traffic price * used traffic = 0.12 USD/GB * 5 GB = 0.6 USD
    • Gateway fee: the price of 50 Mbps VPN gateway in Beijing region is 0.078 USD/hr. Gateway fee = gateway price * duration = 0.078 USD/hr * 1 hour = 0.078 USD

    Total fee = traffic fee + gateway fee = 0.6 USD + 0.078 USD = 0.678 USD

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