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Purchase Methods

Last updated: 2021-03-10 12:25:19

This document describes how to purchase VPN connections on the Tencent Cloud console.

  1. Log in to the VPC console.

  2. Choose VPN Connection > VPN Gateway on the left sidebar to go to the VPN Gateway page.

  3. Select a region and VPC, and then click + New.

  4. Configure the following parameters in the pop-up dialog box, and click Create.

    • Gateway Name: enter a VPN gateway name, which cannot exceed 60 characters.
    • Associate Network: select CCN or VPC with which the VPN gateway associates.
    • Network: select the VPC of the VPN gateway.
    • Bandwidth Cap: select the maximum bandwidth for the VPN gateway as needed.
    • Tag: an optional configuration that helps you manage VPN gateways.
    • Billing Method: select the billing mode for the VPN gateway as needed.
      • Bill-by-traffic: this mode is suitable for scenarios where the bandwidth fluctuates greatly.
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