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    Well-received in the industry, Serverless Framework allows you to deploy a complete and available serverless application framework without the need to care about underlying resources. It features resource orchestrating, auto scaling, and event driving and covers the full development lifecycle from coding and debugging to testing and deploying, helping you quickly build serverless applications with the aid of other Tencent Cloud resources.

    Serverless Framework is a standardized, component-based serverless application development product. See below for its structure:

    Serverless Framework structure


    Application-level framework

    Serverless Framework provides various frameworks suitable for different use cases. After selecting a framework as needed, you can focus on developing business logic without consideration of underlying resources.

    Easy deployment

    When you deploy an application, Serverless Framework will automatically deploy and configure SCF, API Gateway, COS, and other basic resources according to the application characteristics, eliminating the need for manual efforts.

    Use Cases

    One-stop experience

    Serverless Framework enables you to quickly create, debug, and deploy a serverless application, as well as to monitor its running status after launch and troubleshoot errors with speed.
    It provides a wide variety of components at the serverless application level. To develop a serverless application, you only need to select and download components that fit your business scenario and write personalized business logic while leaving underlying resources aside.

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