API Gateway Component

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    Easily provision Tencent API Gateway using Serverless Components.


    1. Install
    2. Create
    3. Configure
    4. Deploy
    5. Remove

    1. Install

    Install the Serverless Framework:

    $ npm install -g serverless

    2. Create

    Just create the following simple boilerplate:

    $ touch serverless.yml 
    $ touch .env           # your Tencent api keys

    Add the access keys of a Tencent CAM Role with AdministratorAccess in the .env file, using this format:

    # .env
    • If you don't have a Tencent Cloud account, you could sign up first.

    3. Configure

    # serverless.yml
      component: "@serverless/tencent-apigateway"
        region: ap-shanghai
        protocol: http
        serviceName: serverless
        environment: release
          - path: /users
            method: POST
              functionName: myFunction

    4. Deploy

    $ sls --debug
      DEBUG ─ Resolving the template's static variables.
      DEBUG ─ Collecting components from the template.
      DEBUG ─ Downloading any NPM components found in the template.
      DEBUG ─ Analyzing the template's components dependencies.
      DEBUG ─ Creating the template's components graph.
      DEBUG ─ Syncing template state.
      DEBUG ─ Executing the template's components graph.
      DEBUG ─ Starting API-Gateway deployment with name restApi in the ap-shanghai region
      DEBUG ─ Service with ID service-g1ihx7c7 created.
      DEBUG ─ API with id api-4dv8r7wg created.
      DEBUG ─ Deploying service with id service-g1ihx7c7.
      DEBUG ─ Deployment successful for the api named restApi in the ap-shanghai region.
        protocol:    http
        subDomain:   service-g1ihx7c7-1300415943.ap-shanghai.apigateway.myqcloud.com
        environment: release
        region:      ap-shanghai
        serviceId:   service-g1ihx7c7
            path:   /users
            method: POST
            apiId:  api-4dv8r7wg
      24s › restApi › done


    5. Remove

    $ sls remove --debug
      DEBUG ─ Flushing template state and removing all components.
      DEBUG ─ Removing any previously deployed API. api-4dv8r7wg
      DEBUG ─ Removing any previously deployed service. service-g1ihx7c7
      13s › restApi › done

    New to Components?

    Checkout the Serverless Components repo for more information.

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