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Error Codes

Last updated: 2021-12-03 10:15:12

Feature Description

If there is an Error field in the response, it means that the API call failed. For example:

    "Response": {
        "Error": {
            "Code": "AuthFailure.SignatureFailure",
            "Message": "The provided credentials could not be validated. Please check your signature is correct."
        "RequestId": "ed93f3cb-f35e-473f-b9f3-0d451b8b79c6"

Code in Error indicates the error code, and Message indicates the specific information of the error.

Error Code List

Common Error Codes

Error Code Description
ActionOffline This API has been deprecated.
AuthFailure.InvalidAuthorization Authorization in the request header is invalid.
AuthFailure.InvalidSecretId Invalid key (not a TencentCloud API key type).
AuthFailure.MFAFailure MFA failed.
AuthFailure.SecretIdNotFound Key does not exist. Check if the key has been deleted or disabled in the console, and if not, check if the key is correctly entered. Note that whitespaces should not exist before or after the key.
AuthFailure.SignatureExpire Signature expired. Timestamp and server time cannot differ by more than five minutes. Please ensure your current local time matches the standard time.
AuthFailure.SignatureFailure Invalid signature. Signature calculation error. Please ensure you’ve followed the signature calculation process described in the Signature API documentation.
AuthFailure.TokenFailure Token error.
AuthFailure.UnauthorizedOperation The request is not authorized. For more information, see the CAM documentation.
DryRunOperation DryRun Operation. It means that the request would have succeeded, but the DryRun parameter was used.
FailedOperation Operation failed.
InternalError Internal error.
InvalidAction The API does not exist.
InvalidParameter Incorrect parameter.
InvalidParameterValue Invalid parameter value.
InvalidRequest The multipart format of the request body is incorrect.
IpInBlacklist Your IP is in uin IP blacklist.
IpNotInWhitelist Your IP is not in uin IP whitelist.
LimitExceeded Quota limit exceeded.
MissingParameter A parameter is missing.
NoSuchProduct The product does not exist.
NoSuchVersion The API version does not exist.
RequestLimitExceeded The number of requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.GlobalRegionUinLimitExceeded Uin exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.IPLimitExceeded The number of ip requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestLimitExceeded.UinLimitExceeded The number of uin requests exceeds the frequency limit.
RequestSizeLimitExceeded The request size exceeds the upper limit.
ResourceInUse Resource is in use.
ResourceInsufficient Insufficient resource.
ResourceNotFound The resource does not exist.
ResourceUnavailable Resource is unavailable.
ResponseSizeLimitExceeded The response size exceeds the upper limit.
ServiceUnavailable Service is unavailable now.
UnauthorizedOperation Unauthorized operation.
UnknownParameter Unknown parameter.
UnsupportedOperation Unsupported operation.
UnsupportedProtocol HTTP(S) request protocol error; only GET and POST requests are supported.
UnsupportedRegion API does not support the requested region.

Service Error Codes

Error Code Description
FailedOperation.BucketNotifyAlreadyExist Operation failed: notification has already been set for the bucket.
FailedOperation.CosStatusInavlid Operation failed: COS service is suspended.
FailedOperation.InvalidMpsUser Operation failed: unauthorized MPS user.
FailedOperation.InvalidUser Operation failed: invalid user.
InternalError.GenDefinition Internal error: failed to generate template ID.
InternalError.UploadWatermarkError Internal error: failed to upload watermark image.
InvalidParameterValue.AudioBitrate Parameter error: Audio stream bitrate.
InvalidParameterValue.AudioChannel Incorrect parameter value: AudioChannel.
InvalidParameterValue.AudioCodec Parameter error: audio stream codec.
InvalidParameterValue.AudioSampleRate Parameter error: audio stream sample rate.
InvalidParameterValue.Bitrate Invalid audio/video bitrate.
InvalidParameterValue.BlockConfidence Incorrect parameter value: the value of the BlockConfidence parameter is invalid.
InvalidParameterValue.ClassifcationConfigure Incorrect parameter value: the control field parameter for intelligent categorization is incorrect.
InvalidParameterValue.Codec Invalid audio/video codec.
InvalidParameterValue.ColumnCount Incorrect parameter value: ColumnCount.
InvalidParameterValue.Comment Parameter error: template description.
InvalidParameterValue.Container Parameter error: container format.
InvalidParameterValue.ContainerType Incorrect parameter value: ContainerType.
InvalidParameterValue.CoordinateOrigin Incorrect parameter value: CoordinateOrigin.
InvalidParameterValue.CoverConfigure Incorrect parameter value: the control field parameter for intelligent cover generation is incorrect.
InvalidParameterValue.DefaultLibraryLabelSet Incorrect parameter value: the default face library filter tag is invalid.
InvalidParameterValue.Definition Parameter error: Definition.
InvalidParameterValue.Definitions Parameter error: Definitions.
InvalidParameterValue.DeleteDefaultTemplate Incorrect parameter value: the default template cannot be deleted.
InvalidParameterValue.DisableHigherVideoBitrate Invalid switch value used to prohibit transcoding from low bitrate to high bitrate.
InvalidParameterValue.DisableHigherVideoResolution Invalid switch value used to prohibit transcoding from low resolution to high resolution.
InvalidParameterValue.FaceDuplicate Incorrect parameter value: duplicated face.
InvalidParameterValue.FaceLibrary Incorrect parameter value: invalid face library parameter.
InvalidParameterValue.FaceScore Incorrect parameter value: the value of the face score parameter is invalid.
InvalidParameterValue.FillType Invalid parameter: incorrect fill type.
InvalidParameterValue.Format Incorrect parameter value: Format.
InvalidParameterValue.FormatWebpLackWidthAndHeight Incorrect parameter value: Format is webp, but both Width and Height are empty.
InvalidParameterValue.FormatWebpWidthAndHeightBothZero Incorrect parameter value: when Format is webp, Width and Height cannot be both 0.
InvalidParameterValue.Fps Parameter error: video frame rate.
InvalidParameterValue.FrameTagConfigure Incorrect parameter value: the control field parameter for intelligent frame-specific tagging is incorrect.
InvalidParameterValue.FunctionArg Incorrect parameter value: FunctionArg.
InvalidParameterValue.FunctionName Incorrect parameter value: FunctionName.
InvalidParameterValue.Gop Invalid GOP value.
InvalidParameterValue.Height Parameter error: height.
InvalidParameterValue.ImageContent Invalid ImageContent
InvalidParameterValue.ImageTemplate Parameter error: image watermarking template.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidContent The value of the parsed Content is invalid.
InvalidParameterValue.InvalidOperationType Invalid operation type.
InvalidParameterValue.LabelSet Incorrect parameter value: invalid LabelSet value.
InvalidParameterValue.Limit Parameter error: Limit.
InvalidParameterValue.ModifyDefaultTemplate Incorrect parameter value: the default template cannot be modified.
InvalidParameterValue.Name Incorrect parameter value: Name exceeds the length limit.
InvalidParameterValue.NotProcessingTask Tasks not in processing status are not supported.
InvalidParameterValue.ObjectLibrary Incorrect parameter value: object library parameter is invalid.
InvalidParameterValue.PicFormatError Incorrect parameter value: incorrect face image format.
InvalidParameterValue.Quality Incorrect parameter value: Quality.
InvalidParameterValue.RemoveAudio Incorrect parameter value: RemoveAudio.
InvalidParameterValue.RemoveVideo Incorrect parameter value: RemoveVideo.
InvalidParameterValue.RepeatType Parameter error: invalid RepeatType.
InvalidParameterValue.Resolution Parameter error: Incorrect resolution.
InvalidParameterValue.ResolutionAdaptive Invalid ResolutionAdaptive
InvalidParameterValue.ReviewConfidence Incorrect parameter value: The value of the ReviewConfidence parameter is invalid.
InvalidParameterValue.RowCount Incorrect parameter value: RowCount.
InvalidParameterValue.SampleInterval Incorrect parameter value: SampleInterval.
InvalidParameterValue.SampleRate Invalid audio sample rate.
InvalidParameterValue.SampleType Incorrect parameter value: SampleType.
InvalidParameterValue.SessionContextTooLong SessionContext is too long.
InvalidParameterValue.SessionId The deduplication ID already exists. The request is removed due to duplication.
InvalidParameterValue.SessionIdTooLong SessionId is too long.
InvalidParameterValue.SoundSystem Invalid parameter: incorrect audio channel system.
InvalidParameterValue.SrcFile Source file error.
InvalidParameterValue.SubtitleFormat Incorrect parameter value: The value of the SubtitleFormat parameter is invalid.
InvalidParameterValue.SvgTemplate Incorrect parameter value: SVG is empty.
InvalidParameterValue.SvgTemplateHeight Incorrect parameter value: SVG height.
InvalidParameterValue.SvgTemplateWidth Incorrect parameter value: SVG width.
InvalidParameterValue.Switch Incorrect parameter value: invalid Switch value.
InvalidParameterValue.TEHDType Incorrect parameter value: invalid TEHD Type .
InvalidParameterValue.TagConfigure Incorrect parameter value: the control field parameter for intelligent tagging is incorrect.
InvalidParameterValue.TaskId The task ID does not exist.
InvalidParameterValue.TextAlpha Parameter error: text transparency.
InvalidParameterValue.TextTemplate Parameter error: text template.
InvalidParameterValue.Type Parameter error: incorrect Type value.
InvalidParameterValue.UserDefineLibraryLabelSet Incorrect parameter value: the custom face library filter tag is invalid.
InvalidParameterValue.VideoBitrate Parameter error: video stream bitrate.
InvalidParameterValue.VideoCodec Parameter error: video stream codec.
InvalidParameterValue.Width Parameter error: Wwdth.
InvalidParameterValue.XPos The horizontal position of the origin of the watermark relative to the origin of coordinates of the video. % and px formats are supported.
InvalidParameterValue.YPos The vertical position of the origin of the watermark relative to the origin of coordinates of the video. % and px formats are supported.
LimitExceeded.TooMuchTemplate Limit reached: the number of templates exceeds the limit.
ResourceNotFound.CosBucketNameInvalid The resource does not exist: invalid COS bucket name.
ResourceNotFound.CosBucketNotExist The resource does not exist: the COS bucket does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.Person The resource does not exist: figure.
ResourceNotFound.TemplateNotExist The resource does not exist: the template does not exist.
ResourceNotFound.Word The resource does not exist: Keyword.
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