Use Cases

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    TDSQL is currently only applicable to OLTP business scenarios, such as transaction systems and frontend systems. It is not applicable to OLAP-based systems such as ERP and BI.

    Large Applications (Real-time Transaction with Ultra-high Concurrence)

    Service providers from ecommerce, finance, O2O, social networking, retail, and SaaS industries generally have the following problems restricting their business development: a large user base (million-level or higher), frequent marketing campaigns, and slower response from core trading system databases.

    TDSQL features linearly horizontal scalability that can increase the processing power of databases in real time for improved access efficiency. It can sustain over 15 million QPS at the peak, enabling you to cope with high-concurrence real-time transaction scenarios. For example, WeChat Pay, Tenpay, and Tencent Top-up are all supported by databases using the TDSQL architecture.

    IoT Data (Storage and Access of Petabytes of Data)

    In typical IoT scenarios such as industrial monitoring and remote control, smart city, smart home, and IoV, a large number of sensing and monitoring devices, high sample rate, and massive storage capacity are required. Generally, petabytes to exabytes of data may be generated for storage per year. Traditional x86 server architecture and open-source database solutions cannot store or use such a huge amount of data at all.

    TDSQL features horizontal capacity expansion and compression capabilities empowered by storage engines such as TokuDB, helping you store massive amounts of data at lower costs than shared storage solutions.

    File Index (Instant Access to Trillions of Data Rows)

    Generally, a cloud service platform contains billions to trillions of rows of image, document, and video data. It usually needs to store the indices of such files and perform real-time CRUD operations at the index layer.

    As the service platform sustains access requests from other customers, extremely high service quality and performance are required. Traditional databases cannot support such access and use. TDSQL boasts ultra-high performance, scalability, and strong sync capabilities, effectively ensuring the service quality and data consistency on the platform.

    Cost-effective Commercial Database Solution

    In order to support massive data storage and high-concurrence database access, government agencies, large enterprises, and banks are extremely dependent on minicomputers and high-end storage. Internet companies can achieve the same or even higher capabilities of commercial databases with low-cost x86 servers and open-source software.

    TDSQL is suitable for various scenarios such as national or provincial business system aggregation, large ecommerce and channel platforms, internet banking services, and trading systems.

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