Purchase and Upgrade

Last updated: 2021-01-05 15:47:39

    Instance Purchase

    You can log in to the TDSQL for MySQL purchase page to purchase a TDSQL for MySQL instance. For a single-node instance (for example, a one-primary-one-secondary instance is considered as a double-node instance), up to eight shards can be purchased.
    Initialization is required for the purchased instances to function normally.

    Instance Upgrade

    Upgrade operation will upgrade an existing TDSQL for MySQL instance to a higher specification. Since a distributed database is composed of multiple shards, you can add new shards or expand existing shards to upgrade an instance. Your business does not stop during the upgrade process, but a few shards may become read-only for seconds, so we recommend that you upgrade instances during off-peak hours.


    Up to 64 shards can be added to a single-node instance. If you need more than 64 shards, please submit a ticket.

    Adding a shard

    1. Log in to the TDSQL for MySQL console. In the instance list, click the instance name/ID or Manage in the Operation column, and enter the instance management page.

    2. On the Shard Management tab, locate the desired shard in the shard list, and click Add Shard in the Operation column.

    3. On the displayed Add Shard page, specify the new shard specification.

    Expanding a shard

    This operation upgrades the specification of a single shard to a higher level without adding new shards.
    On the instance management page, select the Shard Management tab, locate the desired shard in the shard list, and click Adjust Shard Configuration in the Operation column.

    Upgrade fee = (price of target specification - price of original specification) x remaining validity period