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Last updated: 2020-05-11 14:32:17

    By adding a hint in front of an SQL statement, you can achieve specific features. TDSQL provides the following hints:

    Passthrough to Specified Physical Shard

    In TDSQL, the proxy will parse the SQL syntax, but there are relatively strict restrictions. If you want to execute an SQL statement in a certain physical shard (set), you can use the SQL passthrough feature.
    SQL passthrough: the SQL statement can be passed through to one or more corresponding physical shards (sets) or the set corresponding to the shardkey. Below is a sample:

        mysql> select * from test1 where a in (select a from test1);
        ERROR 7009 (HY000): Proxy ERROR:proxy do not support such use yet
        mysql> /*set_1*/select * from test1 where a in (select a from test1);
        Empty set (0.00 sec)



    Forced SQL Read/Write Separation Based on Slave

    TDSQL supports a variety of read/write separation schemes. The scheme of /*slave*/ is often fixed into business logic during code implementation for easier use in development. Below is a sample:

        mysql> /*slave*/select * from test.ff limit 0;

    For more information on how to execute TDSQL-specific SQL statements, please see Control Commands.

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