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Last updated: 2020-06-24 11:07:37

Tencent Distributed SQL (TDSQL)

API Name Feature
CloneAccount Clones an instance account
CloseDBExtranetAccess Disables public network access
CopyAccountPrivileges Copies account permissions
CreateAccount Creates an account
DeleteAccount Deletes an account
DescribeAccountPrivileges Queries account permissions
DescribeAccounts Queries the list of accounts
DescribeDBLogFiles Gets the list of logs
DescribeDBParameters Views database parameters
DescribeDBSyncMode Queries the sync mode
DescribeDCDBInstances Queries the list of instances
DescribeDCDBShards Queries shard information
DescribeDatabaseObjects Queries the list of database objects
DescribeDatabaseTable Queries table information
DescribeDatabases Queries the list of databases
DescribeProjects Queries the project list
GrantAccountPrivileges Sets account permissions
InitDCDBInstances Initializes instances
ModifyAccountDescription Modifies account remarks
ModifyDBInstancesProject Modifies the project to which instances belong
ModifyDBParameters Modifies database parameters
ModifyDBSyncMode Modifies the sync mode
OpenDBExtranetAccess Enables public network access
ResetAccountPassword Resets account password

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