Exporting/Importing Data

Last updated: 2020-10-30 11:02:50

    Exporting Data

    TDSQL supports exporting data with mysqldump. Before export, you need to set the net_write_timeout parameter (set global net_write_timeout=28800) in the TDSQL Console. Note that command line utilities are not authorized by TDSQL, so you can set the parameter only in the console.

    mysqldump --compact --single-transaction --no-create-info -c db_name table_name  -utest -h10.xx.xx.34 -P3336  -ptest123


    The db and table parameters should be specified based on the actual situation. If the exported data is to be imported into another set of TDSQL environment, the -c option must be added.

    Importing Data

    TDSQL provides a professional tool to import data specified by load data outfile. This tool shards a source file into multiple files according to the shardkey routing rules, and passes each file through to the corresponding backend database.

    Download the tool.

    [tdengine@TENCENT64 ~/]$./load_data
    format:./load_data mode0/mode1 proxy_host proxy_port user password db_table shardkey_index file field_terminate filed_enclosed
    example:./load_data mode1 10.xx.xx.10 3336 test test123 shard.table  1 '/tmp/datafile'  ' ' ''


    • The source file must use '\n' as a line break.
    • mode0 means that the source file is sharded but will not be imported, which is usually used for debugging. To import data, use mode1.
    • shardkey_index starts from 0. If the shardkey is the second field, shardkey_index should be 1.

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