Regions and Domain Names

Last updated: 2021-04-27 10:31:50


    Tencent Cloud's Cloud Infinite (CI) supports multi-region storage, and different regions have different default access domain names. The region you initially selected for the bucket cannot be modified. You can select a region closest to your business location to speed up object upload and download.


    • After a bucket is created, the default domain will be generated. To view the URL, you can go to the CI console, click the name of the desired bucket, and click File Management > Details.
    • Regions and domains in the following table are COS domains. Old users can still use CI domains.
    • BucketName is the name you set for your bucket upon creation. To view its value, you can go to the CI console, click the name of the bucket, and choose the Bucket Configuration tab.
    • APPID is one of the account identifiers assigned by the system after you successfully applied for the Tencent Cloud account. It can be viewed at Tencent Cloud console > Account Information.

    Regions in the Chinese Mainland

    Region Abbreviation Default Domain (Upload/Download/Management)
    Beijing ap-beijing <BucketName-APPID>
    Nanjing ap-nanjing <BucketName-APPID>
    Shanghai ap-shanghai <BucketName-APPID>
    Guangzhou ap-guangzhou <BucketName-APPID>
    Chengdu ap-chengdu <BucketName-APPID>
    Chongqing ap-chongqing <BucketName-APPID>

    Regions in Hong Kong (China) and Outside the Chinese Mainland

    Region Abbreviation Upload Domain Download Domain
    Hong Kong ap-hongkong Not supported <BucketName-APPID>
    Singapore ap-singapore <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>
    Mumbai ap-mumbai <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>
    Seoul ap-seoul <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>
    Bangkok ap-bangkok <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>
    Tokyo ap-tokyo <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>
    Western U.S. (Silicon Valley) na-siliconvalley Not supported <BucketName-APPID>
    Eastern U.S. (Virginia) na-ashburn <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>
    Toronto na-toronto <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>
    Frankfurt eu-frankfurt Not supported <BucketName-APPID>
    Moscow eu-moscow <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>


    Assume that you have logged in to the CI console as the root account (APPID: 1250000000), clicked Bucket Management > Bind Bucket to create a bucket named examplebucket residing in the Guangzhou region. The domain for CI processing will be as follows:


    • examplebucket-1250000000: indicates that the bucket is owned by the user whose APPID is 1250000000. APPID is a fixed and unique ID assigned by the system when you successfully applied for the Tencent Cloud account. You can view it at Account Information.
    • cos: indicates COS domains. On the other hand, pic and picgz indicate CI domains.
    • ap-guangzhou: abbreviation of the region
    • indicates Tencent Cloud domain (fixed)