Regions and Domain Names

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    Tencent Cloud's Cloud Infinite (CI) supports multi-region storage, and different regions have different default access domain names. The region that you select when creating a bucket cannot be changed. We recommend that you select the nearest storage region according to your own business scenarios for efficient object uploading and downloading.

    • After a bucket is created, you can view the default domain name on the bucket’s Domain Management page in the CI Console.
    • BucketName is the custom name that you enter when creating the bucket, which can be viewed on the bucket’s Bucket Configuration page in the CI Console.
    • APPID is one of the account identifiers assigned by the system after successful application for a Tencent Cloud account. It can be viewed in Account Information in the Tencent Cloud Console.

    Regions in Mainland China

    Region Processing Domain Name
    Beijing <BucketName-APPID>
    Nanjing <BucketName-APPID>
    Shanghai <BucketName-APPID>
    Guangzhou <BucketName-APPID>
    Chengdu <BucketName-APPID>
    Chongqing <BucketName-APPID>

    Hong Kong (China) and Other Regions Outside Mainland China

    Region Upload Domain Name Download Domain Name
    Hong Kong (China) <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>
    Moscow <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>
    Singapore <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>
    Toronto <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>
    Mumbai <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>
    Silicon Valley, United States <BucketName-APPID> <BucketName-APPID>

    Assume a user created a bucket in the Guangzhou region where the user resides. The user-defined string of the bucket name is examplebucket, and the system-generated APPID is 1250000000.
    Its default processing domain name for CI is

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