Use Cases

Last updated: 2020-07-31 14:45:11

    Social Messaging

    Instant Messaging (IM) empowers apps with social messaging capabilities and helps to effectively improve user stickiness and activity. By using IM, you can provide your users with various chatting modes including one-to-one chat, group chat, and on-screen comments. IM supports text, image, audio, and short-video messages, with real-time message push to meet your message delivery rate requirements. It also supports real-time audio and video calls.
    Example: in-app chatting
    Recommended features: message management and group management

    Interactive Live Broadcasting

    IM allows you to deploy live broadcasting chat rooms that can support an unlimited number of participants and hundreds of millions of concurrent messages. IM makes chat room management easy and supports various message types, such as on-screen comments, gifts, and likes, helping you deliver a positive chatting experience to live broadcasting chat room users. IM also enables content moderation for on-screen comments, protecting your live broadcasts from illegal and inappropriate text.
    Example: live broadcasting
    Recommended feature: AVChatRoom

    Smart Customer Service

    IM can meet the needs of multi-scenario communication between merchants and users and provides customers with exclusive customer service to improve service efficiency. Together with smart robots, IM can effectively reduce labor costs and deliver additional value to customers.
    Example: online mall customer service
    Recommended feature: online customer service

    Internet of Things Communication

    IM provides people-to-thing and thing-to-thing collaborative communication, confidently leading way into the 5G communication era.
    Example: communication between smart devices and apps
    Recommended feature: audio, image, and video messages

    Enterprise Communication

    IM provides communication solutions to enterprise customers, enabling seamless switching between desktops and mobile devices to deliver efficient internal communication and collaboration to enterprises.
    Example: intra-enterprise communication
    Recommended feature: instant messaging

    System Message Push

    IM provides the online push and offline push services, ensuring the accurate delivery of system messages.
    Example: app system notifications
    Recommended feature: message push

    In-Game Communication

    For gaming clients, IM supports various chat room types, including lobby, team, and all-server. It also supports text, audio, emoji, and short-video messages, allowing you to easily implement scenarios such as in-game item gifting and transactions. Additionally, with dedicated servers deployed in more than 10 foreign countries and regions, IM can empower your business with global communication capabilities.
    Example: lobby chat room
    Recommended feature: multiple group types and global access