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Last updated: 2020-10-10 09:57:18

    Download the IM SDK based on the platform you use. For more information about how to run the demo, see Quick Demo Operation.


    We recommend that you download the source code of the demo, the source code of TUIKit, and the SDK from GitHub. If you experience high latency when accessing GitHub, you can also download them from Gitee or directly download their ZIP packages.

    Standard Edition

    Platform ZIP Package Download from GitHub (Recommended) Download from Gitee Quick Integration Guide
    (UI Library Included)
    General Integration Guide
    (UI Library Excluded)
    Android ZIP GitHub Gitee DOC DOC
    iOS ZIP GitHub Gitee DOC DOC
    Mac ZIP GitHub Gitee - DOC
    Windows ZIP GitHub Gitee - DOC
    Web ZIP GitHub Gitee - DOC
    WeChat Mini Program ZIP GitHub Gitee - DOC

    Lite Edition


    • The Lite Edition removed the friend list and conversation list capabilities found in the Standard Edition and optimized some business logic to improve the execution efficiency and reduce the increase in the installation package size.
    • Compared with the Standard Edition, the Lite Edition reduced the SDK volume and installation package size by a factor of three to four. If your app does not require the friend list and conversation list capabilities and you are sensitive to the increase in the installation package size, we recommend that you choose the Lite Edition.
    Platform ZIP Package Download from GitHub (Recommended) Download from Gitee Integration Guide
    Android ZIP GitHub Gitee DOC
    iOS ZIP GitHub Gitee DOC

    Differences Between the Standard Edition and the Lite Edition

    The Lite Edition currently supports two platforms: Android and iOS. In the future, it will also support Windows and Mac. The following section describes the differences between the Android and iOS SDKs to highlight the differences between the Standard Edition and Lite Edition.

    Comparison of the SDK volumes

    Platform Item Standard Edition Lite Edition
    Android aar size 7.8 MB 2.5 MB
    iOS framework size 57.7 MB 9.2 MB

    Comparison of the app size increments

    Platform Architecture Standard Edition Lite Edition
    apk increment armeabi-v7a 3.2 MB 934 KB
    arm64-v8a 5.2 MB 1.4 MB
    ipa increment arm64 2.1 MB 908 KB

    Comparison of the feature differences

    Module Features Standard Edition Lite Edition
    Profile Modifying your own profile
    Obtaining others’ profiles
    Group Creating, terminating, joining, and quitting groups
    Group profile management
    Group member management
    Group application list
    Custom group attributes
    Message Sending and receiving messages
    Message read receipts
    Recalling messages
    Multi-device message synchronization
    Obtaining the list of historical messages
    Signaling Sending signals and signaling responses
    Offline push Android offline push
    iOS offline push
    Relationship chain Adding friends -
    Friend profile management -
    Friend application list -
    Friend list -
    Friend blocklist -
    Conversation Obtaining the conversation list -
    Obtaining the unread message count of a conversation -
    Conversation management -
    Setting the conversation draft -


    Category Platform GitHub Download Address ZIP Download Address Integration Guide
    Live e-commerce broadcasting WeChat Mini Program GitHub ZIP Scenario-based Practices > Mini Program Livestream Marketing
    Interactive livestreaming H5 and Web GitHub ZIP Scenario-based Practices > WeChat HTML5 Interactive Livestreaming

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