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Last updated: 2020-08-05 12:21:19

    Download the IM SDK based on the platform you use. For more information on how to run the demo, see Quick Demo Operation.

    We recommend that you download the demo source code, TUIKit source code, and SDK from GitHub. If the GitHub access speed is slow, you can also download them from Gitee or directly download their ZIP packages.

    Platform ZIP Package Download from GitHub (Recommended) Download from Gitee Quick Integration Guide
    (UI Library Included)
    General Integration Guide
    (UI Library Excluded)
    Installation Package Increment
    Android ZIP GitHub Gitee DOC DOC arm64-v8a: about 1.6 MB
    armeabi-v7a: about 1.1 MB
    iOS ZIP GitHub Gitee DOC DOC arm64: about 1.5 MB
    Mac ZIP GitHub Gitee - DOC x86_64: about 1.9 MB
    Windows ZIP GitHub Gitee - DOC x86: about 3.9 MB
    x86-64: about 5.1 MB
    Web ZIP GitHub Gitee - DOC -
    WeChat Mini Program ZIP GitHub Gitee - DOC -

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