SDK Download

Last updated: 2021-09-13 16:37:03

    You can download the latest source codes of IM SDKs and demos.

    SDK Download

    Native SDK Download Address Integration Guide Update Log
    Android GitHub (recommended) Gitee Import TUIKit (Android)
    SDK Integration (Android)
    Update Log (Native)
    iOS GitHub (recommended) Gitee Import TUIKit (iOS)
    SDK Integration (iOS)
    Mac GitHub (recommended) Gitee SDK Integration (Mac)
    Windows GitHub (recommended) Gitee SDK Integration (Windows)
    Web SDK Download Address Integration Guide Update Log
    Web & HTML5 npm (recommended) GitHub ZIP SDK Integration (Web & Mini Program) Update Log (Web & Mini Program)
    Mini Program npm (recommended) GitHub
    Web SDK upload plugin npm (recommended) GitHub -

    Demo and Solution Download

    IM demos demonstrate IM features in various scenarios. You can install and try the demos for different platforms and use cases.

    Category Description Platform Download Address Reference
    IM demo Includes all IM features and the capability to co-anchor in a live stream in a group. Android GitHub (recommended) ZIP Demo Quick Start
    iOS GitHub (recommended)
    Web GitHub (recommended)
    WeChat Mini Program GitHub (recommended)
    IM demo (Flutter) Includes the main features of IM. Flutter GitHub (recommended) ZIP See GitHub README.
    Live commerce demo Includes live commerce capabilities such as on-screen comments, coupons, and shopping carts. WeChat Mini Program GitHub (recommended) ZIP Mini Program Live Commerce
    Mini Program Live Streaming SDK APIs
    Interactive live streaming demo Includes interactive capabilities such as starting live streaming and giving likes. HTML5 and Web GitHub (recommended) ZIP Quick TWebLive Run
    TWebLive Component

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