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Last updated: 2021-01-05 10:13:31


    TUIConversationListController can display recent conversations, internally monitor conversation change notifications, and sort them by time.

    API Description
    delegate Delegates callback to externally process selected events.
    viewModel Indicates the data source of the controller.

    Chat Interface

    The chat interface consists of the chat controller and input controller.


    TUIChatController combines the two major components of the chat interface and exports APIs externally to facilitate message customization.

    API Description
    messageController Implements the main chat TableView.
    inputController Indicates the input controller.
    delegate Delegates callback for UI events and custom cells.
    moreMenus Provides more menu item data.
    sendMessage: Sends custom messages.
    saveDraft Saves drafts.


    TUIMessageCell is the basic class for each message. All UI elements of messages can be accessed through TUIMessageCell.

    API Description
    avatarView Indicates the profile photo.
    nameLabel Indicates the nickname label.
    container Indicates the main message content container.
    indicator Indicates the indicator for loading activities.
    retryView Indicates the retry view.
    messageData Indicates the message data source.
    delegate Delegates message UI events.
    fillWithData: Updates data sources.


    When iOS TableView is scrolled, TableViewCell will be reused, and all message data is stored in TUIMessageCellData instead of Cell. During display, fillWithData will be internally invoked to refresh the interface.

    API Description
    identifier Indicates the message sender ID.
    avatarUrl Indicates the URL of the profile photo.
    avatarImage Indicates the profile photo image.
    name Indicates the nickname.
    showName Indicates whether to display the nickname.
    direction Indicates the messaging direction, which is receiving or sending.
    status Indicates the message status.
    innerMessage Indicates the message object used by the IM SDK.
    nameFont Indicates the font of the nickname.
    nameColor Indicates the color of the nickname.
    cellLayout Indicates the message layout, which controls the profile photo, nickname, bubble, and other positions.
    contentSize Indicates the message content size.
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