Pulling Operations Data

Last updated: 2020-03-12 10:05:02


Feature Description

The app admin can pull operational data for last 30 days through this API. The operation fields that can be pulled are described as follows.

API Invocation Description

Request URL example


Request parameters

The following table lists and describes only the parameters to be modified when this API is invoked. For details on other parameters, see RESTful API Overview.

Parameter Description
v4/openconfigsvr/getappinfo Request API
sdkappid SDKAppID assigned by the IM console when an app is created
identifier This must be the app admin account. For details, see App Admins.
usersig The signature generated by the app admin account. For details, see Generating UserSig.
random Enter a random 32-bit unsigned integer ranging from 0 to 4294967295.

Maximum invocation frequency

The maximum invocation frequency is 200 times per second.

Request packet example

Query operational data for last 30 days for SDKAppID.

  • Basic format
    Pull all fields by default.
  • Specifying a field to be pulled
    Specify a field to be pulled in RequestField.

Request packet fields

Field Type Attribute Description
RequestField Array Optional This field is used to specify operational data to be pulled. If this field is not specified, all fields will be pulled by default. For details, see the operation fields that can be pulled below.

Response packet examples

  • Basic format
      "ErrorCode": 0,
      "ErrorInfo": "OK",
      "Result": [{
          "APNSMsgNum": "84",
          "ActiveUserNum": "2014",
          "AppId": "1104620500",
          "AppName": "Real-Time Communication Scenario Trial Edition",
          "C2CAPNSMsgNum": "84",
          "C2CDownMsgNum": "11040",
          "C2CSendMsgUserNum": "9",
          "C2CUpMsgNum": "52209",
          "CallBackReq": "73069",
          "CallBackRsp": "72902",
          "ChainDecrease": "16",
          "ChainIncrease": "18",
          "Company": "LinYe",
          "Date": "20160607",
          "DownMsgNum": "11869",
          "GroupAPNSMsgNum": "0",
          "GroupAllGroupNum": "41913",
          "GroupDestroyGroupNum": "35019",
          "GroupDownMsgNum": "829",
          "GroupJoinGroupTimes": "121438",
          "GroupNewGroupNum": "35904",
          "GroupQuitGroupTimes": "108292",
          "GroupSendMsgGroupNum": "5189",
          "GroupSendMsgUserNum": "12",
          "GroupUpMsgNum": "8433",
          "LoginTimes": "13708",
          "LoginUserNum": "2094",
          "MaxOnlineNum": "62",
          "RegistUserNumOneDay": "1052",
          "RegistUserNumTotal": "53091",
          "SendMsgUserNum": "19",
          "UpMsgNum": "60642",
  • Specifying a field to be pulled

Response packet fields

Field Type Description
Result Array The requested operational data from last 30 days.
ErrorCode Integer The error code. 0: succeeded. Others: failed.
ErrorInfo String The error information

Error Codes

Unless a network error (such as error 502) occurs, the HTTP return code for this API is always 200. ErrorCode and ErrorInfo in the response packet represent the actual error code and error information, respectively.
For common error codes (60000 to 79999), see Error Codes.
The following table describes the error codes specific to this API.

Error Code Description
130001 JSON parsing error of the request packet
130009 SQL opening error
130010 SQL pinging error
130011 SQL query error
130012 SQL result parsing error

Operation Fields That Can Be Pulled

Field Description
AppName App name
AppId SDKAppID of the app
Company Customer name
ActiveUserNum Number of active users
RegistUserNumOneDay Number of newly registered users
RegistUserNumTotal Total number of registered users
LoginTimes Number of logins
LoginUserNum Number of logged-in users
UpMsgNum Number of upstream messages
DownMsgNum Number of downstream messages
SendMsgUserNum Number of sending users
APNSMsgNum Number of pushed APN messages
C2CUpMsgNum Number of upstream messages (C2C)
C2CDownMsgNum Number of downstream messages (C2C)
C2CSendMsgUserNum Number of sending users (C2C)
C2CAPNSMsgNum Number of pushed APN messages (C2C)
MaxOnlineNum Maximum number of online users
ChainIncrease Increase in relationship chain pairs
ChainDecrease Decrease in relationship chain pairs
GroupUpMsgNum Number of upstream messages (group)
GroupDownMsgNum Number of downstream messages (group)
GroupSendMsgUserNum Number of sending users (group)
GroupAPNSMsgNum Number of pushed APN messages (group)
GroupSendMsgGroupNum Number of sending groups
GroupJoinGroupTimes Total number of joined groups
GroupQuitGroupTimes Total number of quit groups
GroupNewGroupNum Number of newly added groups
GroupAllGroupNum Total number of groups
GroupDestroyGroupNum Number of dismissed groups
CallBackReq Number of callback requests
CallBackRsp Number of callback responses
Date Date

API Commissioning Tool

Use the RESTful online commissioning tool for APIs to commission this API.