Deleting a List

Last updated: 2020-03-11 15:53:56


Feature Description

This API is used to delete a specified group.

API Invocation Description

Request URL example

Request parameters

The following table lists and describes only the parameters to be modified when this API is invoked. For details on other parameters, see RESTful API Overview.

Parameter Description
v4/sns/group_delete Request API
sdkappid SDKAppID assigned by the IM console when an app is created
identifier This must be the app admin account. For details, see App Admins.
usersig The signature generated by the app admin account. For details, see Generating UserSig.
random Enter a random 32-bit unsigned integer ranging from 0 to 4294967295.

Maximum invocation frequency

The maximum invocation frequency is 200 times per second.

Request packet example


Request packet fields

Field Type Attribute Description
From_Account String Required Identifier of the specified group to be deleted
GroupName Array Required List of groups to be deleted

Response packet example

    "CurrentSequence": 4,

Response packet fields

Field Type Description
CurrentSequence Integer The current sequence of the group.
ActionStatus String The request processing result. OK: succeeded. FAIL: failed.
ErrorCode Integer The error code. 0: succeeded. Others: failed.
ErrorInfo String Detailed error information.
ErrorDisplay String Detailed information to be displayed on the client.

Error Codes

Unless a network error (such as error 502) occurs, the HTTP return code for this API is always 200. ErrorCode and ErrorInfo in the response packet represent the actual error code and error information, respectively.
For common error codes (60000 to 79999), see Error Codes.
The following table describes the error codes specific to this API.

Error Code Description
30001 A request parameter is incorrect. In this case, check request parameters based on the error description.
30003 The requested user account does not exist.
30004 The request requires app admin permissions.
30006 An internal server error occurred. In this case, try again.
30007 The network connection timed out. In this case, try again later.
30008 A write conflict occurred due to concurrent writes. In this case, we recommend that you use the batch mode.

API Commissioning Tool

Use the online commissioning tool for RESTful APIs to commission this API.


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