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Last updated: 2022-02-24 16:50:57

    StreamLive is a premium stream processing platform newly launched by Tencent Cloud, which provides broadcast-grade and real-time live stream processing services. It uses Tencent Cloud's proprietary high-performance video encoding and compression algorithms to reduce transfer traffic consumption while delivering a better watch experience.

    The StreamLive service is managed at the channel level in the StreamLive console. You can set up high-quality video streams and distribute them to various types of devices.

    Console Overview

    The StreamLive console consists of four modules: Security Group Management **, **Input Management, Channel Management, and Watermark Management.

    Module Description
    Security Group Management This module allows you to manage the security verification of inputs.
    Input Management This module allows you to configure the protocols and input modes of inputs.
    Channel Management This is the main module of StreamLive, via which you can perform various video processing operations such as transcoding and remuxing and send the results to the specified destination or store them on COS.
    Watermark Management This module allows you to configure text or image watermark templates on the Watermark Management page and configure watermarks on the Channel Management page.

    Console Entry

    Log in to the StreamLive console.

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