Outputting MeidiaLive Streams to COS for Archiving

Last updated: 2021-02-07 09:21:27

    MediaLive supports exporting HLS files to COS for archiving, which requires you to create a bucket in COS and authorize MediaLive to access your bucket.


    Before outputting HLS files to COS for archiving, please confirm that you have activated the COS service.

    Step 1: Create a COS bucket

    After activating the COS service, you can create a COS bucket in the nearest region.

    Step 2: Select the output group type

    Go back to the MediaLive console. Select HLS_ARCHIVE as the output group type.

    Step 3: Authorize MediaLive to access the COS bucket

    Because you have not authorized MediaLive to access your COS bucket, the COS destination fields will be grayed out and cannot be filled in. Click “Click here” in the prompt box to authorize MediaLive.

    Click “Authorize Now” and go to the “Service Authorization” page. Click “Grant” to complete the authorization.

    Go back to the MediaLive page after completing the authorization. Select “Authorization completed.” Then, you can fill in the COS destination fields.

    Step 4: Enter the COS archiving URL

    You can enter a COS archiving URL based on the created COS bucket. The format is http://<BucketName-APPID>.cos.<Region>.myqcloud.com/path.

    Step 5: Save and submit the configuration

    You can go back to MediaLive channel creation to complete the other channel configurations. Click “Done” to save and submit the configurations.