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StreamLive Security Group

Last updated: 2022-02-23 18:02:29

    A security group is a stateful virtual firewall capable of filtering. As an important means of network security isolation provided by Tencent Cloud, it is used to manage the security verification of inputs.

    Selecting a security group region

    Currently, Tencent Cloud StreamLive is available in four AZs: Mumbai (India), Bangkok (Thailand), Seoul (Korea), and Tokyo (Japan). If you need to deploy StreamLive in other AZs, please contact us.

    Creating a security group

    A security group is used to verify the validity of an input source's IPv4 address, which makes the input of StreamLive channels more secure.

    Choose Security Group Management on the left sidebar and click Create Security Group. Enter a name, and add IPs to the allowlist (the IPs must be in CIDR block format, separated with commas or line breaks). Then, click Confirm to complete the creation.



    • The status of a security group can be either Idle or Occupied.
    • Idle indicates that a security group is currently not associated with an input and can be edited and deleted.
    • Occupied indicates that a security group is currently associated with an input and can only be edited, not deleted.
    • You can create up to 5 security groups in the console by default. Please submit a ticket if you need more security groups.
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