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StreamLive Input Management

Last updated: 2022-02-23 18:02:29

    Inputs are the source of streams for StreamLive channels. An input is usually associated with 1 security group and 1 StreamLive channel.

    Creating an input

    Choose Input Management on the left sidebar and click Create Input to create an input. Currently, the protocols supported for inputs include RTP, RTP-FEC, RTMP, UDP, HLS, and HTTP-MP4. An input is either a push input or a pull input.

    Each input can be associated with 1 security group and 1 channel. An input associated with a channel is marked as "attached".


    • The console supports up to 5 inputs by default.
    • An input source must contain at least 1 video data channel.
    • When MPEG-TS multiplexing is used, a maximum of 8 channels can be transferred simultaneously.
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