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StreamLive Outputting to StreamPackage

Last updated: 2022-02-23 18:02:30

    You can use StreamLive together with StreamPackage and output HLS/DASH live streams directly to StreamPackage under the same account. This allows you to build your own origin server for video distribution and playback.

    Activating StreamPackage

    Before outputting to StreamPackage, you need to activate the StreamPackage service and create a StreamPackage channel.

    Creating a StreamPackage channel

    Click Create Channel in the top-left corner to create a channel. Enter a channel name. For Input Protocol, select the same protocol as the output type. For example, if the output type is HLS_StreamPackage, select HLS.


    StreamLive and StreamPackage must be in the same region.


    Creating an endpoint

    After creating the channel, you will enter its details page, where you can create an endpoint and select whether to enable IP blocklist/allowlist or authentication.


    Getting the endpoint address and channel ID

    The URL of the endpoint created is the playback/origin server address.



    You will need the channel ID when configuring outputs in StreamLive.


    Selecting the output type

    Go back to the StreamLive console, based on your needs and the type of the StreamPackage channel just created, select HLS_STREAMPACKAGE or DASH_STREAMPACKAGE for Output Group Type, and enter the channel ID in StreamPackage.


    Saving and submitting the configuration

    Complete other channel configuration in StreamLive Channel Management and save and submit the configuration.

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