Data Processing And Security Agreement

Last updated: 2020-06-22 15:43:37

1. Background

This Module applies if you use AI Transfy (“Feature”). This Module is incorporated into the Data Privacy and Security Agreement located here (“DPSA”). Terms used but not defined in this Module shall have the meaning given to them in the DPSA. In the event of any conflict between the DPSA and this Module, this Module shall apply to the extent of the inconsistency.


We will process the following data in connection with the Feature:

Personal Information Use
The name you give to your project, audio, video, text data, the language the audio/video/text is in and the language you want it to be translated into, live rtmp address and the time you start and end streaming. We use this information to provide transcription and translation services to you. We act as a data processor when we process this information.


We process the above information in the following locations: the People’s Republic of China (for the purposes of this Module this excludes the Hong Kong SAR, Macau SAR and Taiwan) and the Hong Kong SAR.


As specified in the DPSA.


As specified in the DPSA. If you live in Indonesia your personal information will be retained for 5 years in line with local laws.

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